Amanda Waller

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Real Identity: Amanda Waller
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Movies): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Espionage
Voiced By: Vanessa Williams

Amanda Waller is a powerful figure in the U.S. intelligence community and oversees Task Force X, a black ops program that recruits super powered criminals for missions with little chance for success. In exchange, the criminal was usually offered 10 years off his or her prison sentence. If accepted, they were injected with an implant into their brain which would allow Waller to remotely blow up an operative at will. She garnered several nicknames from Belle Reve inmates, including "The Wall," "The Reaper," and "Sweet Release." Waller attempted to harness the Enchantress for the squad but a lot of Midway City was wrecked. Since then she refused to put magic users on the squad. After an offshoot of Clayface developed a distinct personality and gender, Waller had Ms. Clay transferred to Belle Reve for observation, a common trick she used on the understaffed Arkham Asylum. Waller sent the Suicide Squad, consisting of Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Bronze Tiger, and Copperhead, to acquire the Get Out of Hell Free Card in preparation for a terminal condition she had. It was "very messy."

Vandal Savage and Zoom also sought the card but perished in the conflict. The Sceptre began appearing again to her. Amanda Waller was finally able to book an appointment with Jason Blood in New Orleans. On the drive to, Waller confirmed over her phone she would be at Belle Reve Penitentiary the next day and wanted those on the list to be ready. She insisted she wasn't putting any magic-users on the squad. The Spectre briefly appeared on the exterior of the car. Blood examined the Get Out of Hell Free Card and verified it was authentic. Waller asked why it looked like a business card and if it does what it says. Blood held it over a lit candle and revealed what it looked like two thousand years ago, a triangle, and five thousand years ago, a pebble. He decided to test it and put it into the flame. Blood realized the card had already been redeemed and thus, it was useless. He inquired how she came to possess it. Waller stated it was confidential and very messy.

Madame Xanadu entered the room and used her deck of Xanadu tarot cards to reveal the truth. Waller was impressed then pulled out an old drawing depicting Merlin merging Blood and Etrigan into one. Waller wanted to know what happened to the card. Xanadu revealed Deadshot and Bronze Tiger were the last to touch the card. Waller realized Deadshot gave it to Tiger then asked Blood if there was a way to reactivate it. Blood said there wasn't and didn't know of the existence of anymore. Xanadu revealed Waller had a terminal condition. Waller then asked about a figure stalking her. Blood was concerned it wasn't Deadman nor Gentleman Ghost. Xanadu touched her face and screaming upon gleaning it was the Spectre who marked her. Waller asked if it was Death. Blood clarified it was something else, an avenging spirit who seeks the very wicked. Blood wondered why it was taking so long to take her. Xanadu implied the good that came from Waller's dark methods tipped the scales and kept him at bay. He agreed.

Waller was unnerved with them undressed and questioned why it had to be done. Blood mused he would have made her lose the Hell Card even if it was unredeemed. Waller heard enough and was ready to get a drink. She thought about sending the Suicide Squad to go kill whoever was causing global warming to buy herself more time. Blood suddenly recalled the Amaurex Key, a similar relic, that was originally commissioned by Vandal Savage. Xanadu pointed out karma was at work. Blood suggested to Waller she should start with any connections to Savage's underground society. Waller asked Blood why he didn't serve a country again. Blood retorted it didn't end so well for him and the court when he was a Knight of the Round Table. Waller ascertained everyone has their demons. Blood reiterated he literally had one but everyone else tortured themselves for some unknown reason. Waller vowed to stay alive and left.

The day after the session with Blood, Waller returned to Belle Reve to form a new squad. Knowing the next mission would be unusual, she decided to form a very different team that she usually did and went a little heavy on power. With Deadshot free for finishing his sentence with the last mission, Captain Boomerang was now her top marksman. A guard threw water into Captain Boomerang's cell to wake him up. Boomerang threatened the guard's life but realized Waller was present. He accepted Waller's offer, another mission for another 10 years. They walked to the "plexiglass wing" where the guard entered a passcode required for entry. Ms. Clay pretended to be a guard trapped in her cell. Waller wasn't fooled and punched her after ordering the guard to open the door. Clay accepted an offer. They went to Coyote next. The guard tasered him. Waller offered Coyote the chance to run around and have better food on missions. He accepted. They went to Dr. Polaris next. Instead of accepting a reduction of his sentence, Polaris quickly asked for drugs like Percodan or Oxycontin. They went to Bane next. He agreed to another mission that would allow him to kill people.

They went to Chimera's holding tank next. Waller didn't make the standard offer but pointed out it would be time out of the tank. Chimera accepted. Lastly, they went to Harley Quinn. She was eager and asked if she was in charge. Waller stated she never would. Trying something different, Waller took the squad to the training yard so they would have a sense of who they were going into battle with. Mid-speech, Waller saw the Spectre. She gave the squad three days to shape up or heads would explode. Amanda Waller gave her Suicide Squad a mission to save Scandal Savage, Knockout, and any medical crew or staff aboard the Recovery, a former naval hospital ship. Deciding they needed more guidance on the mission, Waller accompanied the team in a helicopter. She reminded them Savage was unaware her father was killed and as the leader of his underground global empire, she would lead them to his hidden caches. Dr. Polaris was assigned to keep all bullets off the team and Chimera was charged with sinking as much of the assassins' boats as possible before they landed, but he attempted to escape.

Chimera soon learned from Waller that she planted many microbombs all over his body instead of just one in his brain. She ordered him to return to the surface and sink the boats. The rest of the Squad landed on Recovery and started killing the assassins. To Scandal Savage's surprise, Waller saved her from an assassin behind her and flashed the peace sign. The Squad made progress and neared the patient rooms but Dr. Polaris discovered the ship's drug supply and relapsed. The assassins sent Giganta after the Squad and turned the tide. Bane and Coyote were both sent into the ocean by her. Waller told Savage her father died and offered her somewhere safer for Knockout to convalesce. Harley hailed Waller on comms and asked for help. Waller couldn't believe the Squad was in trouble but discovered Polaris. She called for a pick up but watched as Giganta grabbed the tail of the helicopter and forced it down. With the mission gone sideways, Waller took evasive measures.

Waller hailed Chimera on comms and redirected him to help Bane get back to Recovery quickly and to deal with Giganta then called out for the rest. Harley informed her she, Boomerang, and Ms. Clay were pinned down on the starboard. Waller ordered Clay to take on Scandal Savage's appearance and run for it then told Harley and Boomerang to climb down to an enemy boat and raid the guns and ammo amid the dead bodies. Scandal Savage returned from the rear and asked Waller what next. Waller assured her the rest of the squad would be back then fired several shots at Giganta to draw her attention. Giganta took the bait and was surprised by a giant squid summoned by Chimera. Waller saw she could make use of Giganta on a future mission and forbid Chimera from killing her. Once Giganta lost consciousness, Waller had Chimera tell the squid to release her. She fell on top of the last of the zealots. Savage raced to check on Knockout. No one breached her room. Knockout woke up and weakly asked her to keep the noise down.

Waller informed Savage she called in another transport and again offered sanctuary at a safer facility. Savage accepted and thanked her. A zealot recognized Waller's voice as their anonymous source. She shot him dead. At mission's end, Waller gave the squad a "not bad" but noticed Coyote was missing. She followed his tracker signal to Chimera. He burped. She concluded to the team was too big anyway. She looked out and warned them they better be gelled because the next mission would make Recovery look like a cakewalk. Deadshot ignored Waller's instructions for an assassination contract and lost his $9.5 million payment. Deadshot somehow called the phone of Waller's driver in a rage. He realized she didn't care about the hit and just needed an alibi for the squad while they went on another off-the-books mission. Waller and the squad returned to New Orleans to speak with Blood again but an elderly homeowner claimed there never was an occult shop or Madame Xanadu ever.

Waller had Captain Boomerang force the door open. They found a note that read "Light Me" near a candle. Waller complied and a spell was activating. A "recording" of Jason Blood told Waller that they had to leave because some old enemies found their location and he didn't want to risk Etrigan burning down the French Quarter since it was sacred. Blood revealed he had starting point for Waller's search but had to convey it in person. He instructed her to meet him at the Granary Burying Grounds in Boston the next day at twilight, where he would also secure her a guide - a spirit. Blood's old enemies revealed themselves, several Rougarou. The squad battled them while Waller continued listening to Blood's message but the Spectre interrupted Blood's message and told Waller her time was coming and the good she achieved didn't balance her dark deeds so she was doomed to suffer an eternity at the hands of the countless she wronged. Harley re-entered the parolor to brief Waller but found her curled up on the floor.

The next day, Waller and the squad landed at an airport just outside of Boston. Boomerang complained out the pilot not showing them respect. Waller countered it was the proper amount based on how many pilots and drivers she got killed. She told the squad to keep a low profile. As they moved through a park, Waller saw Spectre on the surface of a river. Harley Quinn wanted to ride the swan boat then spotted a duck statue. She recalled they were from her favorite book, "Outta The Way Fools, Ducklings Up in this, Yo!" She sat on the mother duck statue and asked Waller to take a picture. Waller reminded her not to say her name in public and they continued on. Following Jason Blood's instructions, they went to the Granary Burial Grounds at twilight. Waller apologized if it turned out to be a trap. Boomerang didn't believe her. Waller admitted he was right. Blood cast a few repelling spells to drive off sightseers to ensure the grounds would be clear for the meeting then found them.

Blood gave everyone Spectral Lens and stated he needed their eyes to help find the ghost of a blacksmith while they waited for the guide he arranged for. Harley Quinn sighted the smith and gave chase but she was surprisingly struck by a spirit. The spirit turned out to be Gentleman Ghost. Gentleman Ghost sent ghosts loyal to him after Waller, Blood, and the squad. Waller tested her very rare Nth Metal Jacket Bullets and confirmed they were effective against ghosts. She ordered the squad to run past the gate but Blood instructed her to shoot Gentleman Ghost. It was too late, he possessed Bane and punched Waller. Waller came to and crawled towards her gun. Gentleman Ghost took over Dr. Polaris and levitated the gun into his hands. Deadman, the guide Blood arranged for, arrived and dispatched Gentleman Ghost. Without him around, his hold was gone and the ghosts began to disperse. Waller quickly returned attention to the blacksmith. Harley spotted him descending back into his grave.

Deadman pulled him back to the surface and he told them about his part in finishing the Amaurex Key for Vandal Savage. Waller found the story useless but Blood believed he told them everything they needed to locate Savage's chamber. Waller, the squad, and Deadman took a jet to Paris. They walked along the Seine and eventually found Scandal Savage. She opened the entrance to her father's catacombs. Waller gave a head-cam to Harley so she could observe them while she made sure no one else joined them underground. Once they found the temple room, where Savage kept his most precious relics, Waller had to repeatedly keep them on task with finding the key. The squad were soon forced to deal with a horde of undead warriors that served as a security system. Harley's head-cam fell off during the battle and Deadshot found Waller. He aimed a gun at the back of her head and declared her days of orders and broken promises were over. Waller insisted it wasn't the time and the Squad was being swarmed.

Deadshot pointed out the KGB would be after him for the rest of his life because of the botched assignment. Deadshot was possessed by Deadman, who came to the surface to report he was going to lead the Squad to an alternate exit. Waller told Deadman to put his gun away and she would handle him. Waller wired $15 million into Deadshot's account and implored him to check it. He noticed it was more. Waller informed it was for him to go into the Catacombs and extract the Squad alive, especially Scandal Savage. She promised not to take the money away. Deadshot felt he should change his password anyway, just in case. He descended and found them just as he blew off the heads of several zombies with the last of his ammo. On the flight back to the States, Savage showed Waller the location of the key and its host was in the Maurepas Swamp in Louisiana. Waller couldn't believe they went halfway around the world looking for it, only for it to be in Louisiana where they could have just driven.

Waller congratulated Savage for the good work, unaware she found out Waller set her up through her father's crystal ball. Savage led them through the swamp to the host, Solomon Grundy, who was warned about them by Gentleman Ghost. Waller sent a message to Blood, requesting his presence. She addressed Gentleman Ghost and stated the mission didn't concern him and Grundy. He disagreed and revealed he pledged to guard the key for Vandal Savage. As the fight followed, Waller told Bane a choke hold was useless because Grundy didn't breathe then told Polaris to get in the game. He insisted he was. Polaris apologized to Waller then crashed her jet into Grundy. Waller congratulated him but was horrified to see Grundy emerge unharmed. Waller asked if everyone was still alive. Deadshot realized they had everyone they needed to stop Grundy. Waller agreed to his plan and gave the greenlight. Spectre appeared and declared her time on Earth was over. Waller tripped and realized the Spectre was an illusion all along.

Polaris' removal of the key created a temporary tear between the physical world and afterlife. Everyone floated around and could now see Deadman and Gentleman Ghost. Jason Blood appeared and estimated things would return to normal shortly. Grundy faded away then Gentleman Ghost did as well, no longer bound to the physical world. Deadman was summoned for his next mission and bid the squad goodbye. Waller tried to warn everyone, in vain, to stay away from Blood. Blood was insistent on finding the key so he could prepare it for Waller. Ms. Clay stopped Savage and passed a fake, made from her clay, onto Blood. He admitted he manipulated Waller into finding the key so Etrigan wouldn't know of his plans. He intended to use the key to break his curse and get rid of Etrigan once and for all. He transformed and realized he was tricked. Etrigan was amused and told Ms. Clay he was indebted to her then teleported away. Scandal Savage declared she was keeping the real key until Knockout made a full recovery and was able to join her, in the meantime, set out to take over her late father's empire.

Savage thanked Waller for helping her decide on her path in life then left them. Harley looked at the bright side of things and pointed out Waller would get what she wanted if Knockout pulled through and she lived long enough. Deadshot felt they wrapped up one problem but something else was still out there waiting. They were all unaware they were being observed by the real Spectre.