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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Appearances (Movies): Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Three Power: The Harder They Fall
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Engineering and Technological Manipulation
Voiced By: Christopher Gorham

Winslow Schott built his masterpiece, a toy robot named Blastfyre, "Scourge of Civilized Space". It came equipped with a core auto gyro that kept it upright in most situations. Schott needed money to finance the production and borrowed from Bruno Mannheim. Mannheim used Schott's toy factory to launder money but the FBI eventually learned of the crime. Mannheim set up Schott to take the fall. Before his arrest, Schott created his greatest invention, a sophisticated robot, to get his revenge. Mannheim went on to make millions from sales of Blastfyre. The robot, believing it was human and Schott's son, was sent to foster homes but was always shunned for being different. Schott eventually died in prison. It concluded Mannheim stole its childhood and sought to honor his father's last request. Schott's "son" later became a supervillain named Toymaster who employs lethal toys to achieve his goals. He enjoys games and prides himself on always winning. He clashed with Superman several times.

Toymaster was later recruited into Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom and participated in the attack of the Hall of Justice during its unveiling. Toymaster used his wrist gauntlet to shoot at fleeing citizens with armed drones. Cyborg boomed behind him, grabbed an arm and mocked him about getting kicked out his mother's basement. A drone rammed Cyborg into the street. Cyborg took cover behind some columns after Toymaster fired several missiles from his floating pedestal. Cyborg fired several tasers into the pedestal. It and Toymaster fell to the ground. Cyborg retrieved his gauntlet and crushed it.

Toymaster completed building a full-size Blastfyre to carry out his vendetta. He set out to destroy all of Mannheim's hideouts then kill him. On a rainy day mid-week, Ma Kent went to Toy Hospital mid-afternoon to get Clark Kent's old Blastfyre toy repaired. She discovered the owner went out to lunch. Coincidentally, Toymaster's Blastfyre attacked the business. Superman heard her scream and flew back to Metropolis at super-speed. It declared Superman wasn't going to stop it. He was surprised it recognized him but his scans indicated there was no one alive inside controlling it. It declared Mannheim must die and fired disintegration beams at the Toy Hospital. Superman fired his heat vision but it bounced off Blastfyre. It declared he wouldn't defeat him again, to Superman's dismay. Hearing the police approaching them, Superman led the Blastfyre to Centennial Park since it would be empty due to the time of the week and from the weather.

Superman froze some rain puddles and tried to knock Blastfyre on its back but its core auto-gyro kept it upright. No longer moving, Blastfyre's internal power built up again and fired. Superman decided revisit the childhood memory of Bessie the milk cow breaking his Blastfyre toy. He grabbed it by a leg, lifted it into the air, and dropped it on its head. Blastfyre's head cracked open. He discovered Toymaster inside, tangled in the wires and circuits, that made up the robot's brain. Toymaster realized he was a robot all along built by his father to get revenge on Bruno Mannheim. He told Superman his origin. He realized would have never been a real boy, much less have his childhood back, if he honored his father's last request and expired in Superman's arms.