Solomon Grundy

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Real Identity: Cyrus Gold
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Appearances (Movies): Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Extended Life, Invulnerability, Enhanced Physical Attributes, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Rick Wasserman

Solomon Grundy is a supervillain and zombie-like monster. While super strong and invulnerable, Grundy lacks intelligence. Vandal Savage had a supernatural relic named the Amaurex Key forged for him to prevent eternal damnation upon death. A dark priest was directed to bind the key to the dead. Solomon Grundy was chosen as the reanimated defender and he kept the key from being bound to a living user that wasn't Savage and grew stronger over time. For a time, Savage could control the zombie. He came to value Grundy over the key but after some time, the key fell out of his grasp. Highway robber Gentleman Jim Craddock swore to Savage he would guard the key. In death, he was bound to his promise. In the present, Grundy was recruited to Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom and participated in the attack of the Hall of Justice during its unveiling. Grundy charged Batman but failed to land a hit on him. Batman lured him into a nearby Metropolis Electrical station then tricked him into running into live transformers. Grundy took a few steps and declared he would sleep then collapsed.

Grundy settled in Louisiana's Mauresap Swamp. Gentleman Ghost appeared to him and warned of the Suicide Squad and their intention to take the Amaurex Key away. As he predicted, the Squad arrived with Scandal Savage, Deadman, and Amanda Waller. Grundy vowed to kill them all. He started by punching Bane. On Deadshot's cue, anyone with a gun opened fire. The bullets did nothing. Scandal Savage tried stabbing his chest but was thrown. He then tore off one of Ms. Clay's arms. She was insulted and pummeled his chest in vain. Bane tried a choke hold but Grundy didn't breathe air. Grundy swung a tree at them. Bane declared no one swatted him away and boasted he beat the greatest warriors, including breaking Batman. Grundy keyed on his claim and lifted Bane over his head then slammed him back over his knee. With no other metal around, Dr. Polaris lifted up Waller's jet and crashed it into Grundy. He emerged and declared he was already dead. Deadshot realized they had everyone needed to stop Grundy. Grundy became annoyed they were hiding in the smoke and ordered them to come fight and die.

Harley corrected Grundy they were the Suicide Squad, not heroes, then Deadshot got his attention with several shots. Ms. Clay to in close to uppercut Grundy. Grundy forced her arms together and stated she tried to look strong but was just mud then ripped her arms off. Scandal Savage emerged from Clay's body and slashed his chest. Dr. Polaris sensed the Amaurex Key and drew it out. Grundy yelled out. Removing the key created a temporary tear between the physical world and afterlife. Everyone floated around and could now see Deadman and Gentleman Ghost. Jason Blood appeared and estimated things would return to normal shortly. Grundy faded away then Gentleman Ghost left the physical plane, no longer bound to it.