Sisters of Perpetual Grace

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliations: League of Shadows
Appearances: Batman: Bad Blood
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By:

The Sisters of Perpetual Grace is a respected religious order with missions across the world. In reality, it is a front for criminal activity and is affiliated with the League of Shadows. A convent outside of Gotham City was used by Talia al Ghul as a temporary base of operations while she made preparations to take over the world. Bruce Wayne was held against his will at the convent and subjected to Mad Hatter's brainwashing for a little over two weeks. Despite being ordered not to, the Heretic kidnapped Robin and brought him to the convent to steal his memories. Prior to, Alfred Pennyworth hid a tracker on Robin's suit. Batman (Dick Grayson) and Batwoman took the Batmobile and stormed the convent. They were met by the order's nuns, armed with M-60's and katana. Batwoman regretted letting Grayson talk her into using rubber bullets only. They fought through the nuns and split off. Batman entered the convent and found Wayne and Robin. Batwoman fought Onyx in the bell tower. Batwing engaged in aerial battle with Killer Moth and Firefly that resulted in the crippling collapse of the convent. Talia deemed the compound expendable and ordered a retreat.