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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Soul Extraction, Portal Generation, and Levitation
Voiced By: Brian T. Delaney (Leader)

Shrouds are paranormal entities tasked with delivering souls to Hell. They usually gather when a life is close to death. Constantine, Batman, Zatanna, and Deadman encountered a group of Shrouds waiting outside Ritchie Simpson's Washington D.C. home. They were drawn to Batman. One noted he cheated death many times and found it vexing. Constantine told them it was time for them to bugger off. The lead Shroud vowed it would be the one to collect his soul. Constantine, undaunted, cast a spell that sent them away. While they extracted intel from a victim in Metropolis, Simpson staged his death as part of his plans to be transported to the House of Mystery, where he would steal the rest of the Dreamstone. He came closer to death than he planned. The Shrouds returned. Jason Blood sought out Simpson for possible access to the House of Mystery but found him on the ground in his home. Constantine and the others returned soon after. Constantine produced a medallion as the lead Shroud gloated. A glyph appeared and the Sroud vanished.

Constantine chased after Blood while Deadman tried to fight the other Shrouds off Simpson in vain. Just as they pulled out Simpson's soul, Batman injected a syringe into Simpson's chest. He was revived and exclaimed in shock. The Shrouds screeched and vanished. Simpson continued with is plans but Destiny took control of his body and materialized. Constantine and Deadman were able to trick Destiny, giving Blood enough time to impale him with Etrigan's blade and knock the Dreamstone away. Batman destroyed it with an exploding Batarange then Constantine purged Destiny with a spell of fire. The Shrouds appeared and surrounded Simpson. Constantine didn't want to take any chances for Destiny to return and let the Shrouds do their work. They extracted Simpson's soul then dragged him down a portal to Hell.