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Real Identity: Dr. Jonathan Crane
Appearances (Shorts): Nightwing and Robin
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Chemistry and Psychology
Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum

The Scarecrow is a criminal psychopath based in Gotham City who scares his targets to death with a fear toxin. After Scarecrow issued a threat to city hall, Batman pursued his henchmen for information on the supplier for his aerosol component of the fear toxin, who Scarecrow's targets were and Scarecrow's location. Batman's pursuit was disrupted by the sudden appearance of Green Lantern. Lantern crashed the henchmen's car and knocked them unconscious. With no information gained and the Atlantis case to focus on, Batman called in Nightwing and Robin to find Scarecrow. The duo confronted Scarecrow in a warehouse. After they took out his henchmen, Scarecrow begrudgingly pulled two guns on Nightwing and Robin. Nightwing and Robin jammed both guns in unison. While he was distracted, Robin jumped forward and knocked Scarecrow out with a flying kick.