Scandal Savage

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Real Identity: Scandal Savage
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Durability, Armbed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Dania Ramirez

Scandal Savage is the daughter of Vandal Savage. Her trademark weapons are wrist-mounted blades. Scandal Savage was groomed to one day rule his empire until he realized she wouldn't lead it the way he wanted. They became distant. After her lover Knockout was nearly killed during a battle for the Get Out of Hell Free Card between many villains, she bought the Recovery, a former naval hospital ship, and assigned its medical crew and staff to treat Knockout even though she had a slim chance of surviving. Savage visited her bed side and implored her to come back then they would find a new place in the world and kill her father Vandal Savage. She wondered if Knockout's mind would heal like her body was and begged her to come back. Amanda Waller assigned the Suicide Squad to rescue them and the crew at all costs so she could gain access to Vandal Savage's long-hidden caches. To ensure Scandal Savage would accept her offer, Waller secretly tipped off Vandal Savage's followers.

Assassins sent by Vandal Savage's former captains stormed the Recovery by boat to take her out before she found out he was dead and assume leadership of his global empire. Savage refused to let any assassins get near Knockout and slain several. To her surprise, an assassin behind her was shot dead by Waller. Savage was in disbelief her father would send so many assassins after her and Knockout. Waller revealed he was dead and the assassins were trying to prevent her ascension. She countered she didn't want to inherit control of his empire. Waller brought up how she came to the Suicide Squad's aid before and offered to take Knockout to someplace safer to convalesce. She focused on taking out all the zealots on the rear of Recovery then found Waller. Once Waller and the squad took out Giganta and the rest of the zealots, Savage ran to the medical bay to check on Knockout. She was relieved no one got in. Knockout regained consciousness and jokingly asked her to keep the noise down.

Waller informed Savage she called in another transport and again offered to transfer them to a safer facility. Savage accepted and thanked her. A few days later, she met with Waller and the squad along the Seine in Paris. She led them to the entrance to Vandal Savage's catacombs, where only his loyalists or heirs could gain access. Waller stayed at the entrance while she observed by head-cam and gave more orders. Savage told them about the catacomb then showed lighting one torch lit all of them then showed them a statue of her late father. As they neared the 36th chamber, Scandal Savage discovered a wall blocking their way. While she tried to remember how to raise it, Chimera slipped into the aqueduct, swam under the wall, and pulled the lever. They continued to the temple room. They were all unaware of the undead warriors making their way to them. Ms. Clay noticed a crystal ball and inquired about it. Savage revealed it would answer a question but would always follow up with something bad you didn't know.

Savage found some scrolls and found out it directed a dark priest to bind the Amaurex Key to the dead and make a reanimated defender who grew stronger over time and kept it from being bound to a living user except Vandal Savage, who could also control the zombie. Waller ordered them to keep Savage safe. The crystal ball told Savage the defender and key were back in the United Stated of America in the South. The undead began to clog up the tunnels and cut off any possible exit. The Squad began to fight through them. Savage then saw something terrible from the crystal ball, Waller secretly tipping off the Loyal Cult of Vandal Savage of where her naval hospital ship Recovery was. Harley yelled out for help. Savage remembered a secret passage and pushed on a wall. She had contempt for their pride and tried to remember which path to take at the fork. Harley impulsively chose right. A mass of zombies attacked but it was just the arm of an ancient aquatic creature.

Savage believed it was the entity her father was sacrificing humans to. She tried to warn Chimera against trying his telepathy since it was so old but he did anway and got eaten. It was satisfied and went back to sleep. She told Harley to shut up and they made a break for the gate, only to be cut off by zombies. To Savage's surprise, Deadshot came to their rescue. On the flight back, Savage told Waller the key and host were in the Maurepas Swamp. Waller thanked her for the great work, unaware Savage knew the truth. As they searched the swamp, Savage speculated her father came to value the host over the key and soon found him, Solomon Grundy. She sunk her blades into Grundy's chest but was picked up by the head and thrown. Deadshot came up with a plan after Polaris' tactic of crashing Waller's jet into Grundy failed. Ms. Clay decked Grundy then Savage emerged from her body and slashed his chest. Polaris could sense the key and removed it, causing a temporary rift between the physical world and afterlife.

Blood became insistent about finding it so he could prepare it as Waller needed. Savage spotted it but Clay stopped her. She fashioned a duplicate with her mud then gave it to Blood. Blood admitted to his plan of manipulating Waller all along and taking the key for himself. Etrigan was amused with Blood being tricked and told Clay he was indebted to her. Savage decided to hold onto the key until Knockout was healed and able to join her. She reminded Waller she never lied, unlike her. Savage then thanked Waller for helping her figure out her path. She set out to claim her late father's empire, as was her birthright, so she would never be at the mercy of people like Waller again.