Ritchie Simpson

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Real Identity: Richard "Ritchie" Simpson
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of the Supernatural
Voiced By: Jeremy Davies

Ritchie Simpson was a reputed collector of the arcane and the supernatural. During a case with John Constantine, Simpson was afflicted with a supernatural form of cancer. Simpson looked all around the world for a cure. He thought he finally found it in a small piece of the Dreamstone. Simpson was unaware Destiny's soul resided in the stone and thought it was just sentient. As Destiny secretly used Simpson as a third party and gathered power with a spell of insanity, the piece told Simpson how to get the Demons Three to bring the rest of Dreamstone to Earth. John Constantine and Jason Blood inadvertently ruined his plan by challenging the Demons to a game of high stakes poker. Simpson regrouped and decided to frame the wizard Felix Faust and manipulate Constantine into bringing him to the House of Mystery, where the Dreamstone would be stored. He planted a false memory of a ring in memories of victims to later pin on Faust.

After Constantine agreed to look into the nightmare crimes plaguing the planet, he set off for Simpson's Washington D.C. home to get the Keshanti Key. Constantine knew Simpson was still angry with him but turned the corner and saw Shrouds. He realized Simpson was dying. He cast a spell that sent the Shrouds away. Simpson opened his front door, claiming he felt a disturbance in "The Force". He was shocked to see Batman. Zatanna was concerned and Simpson admitted he might have lied the last time they talked about exactly how fast he was going downhill. He apologized then turned to Constantine. He stated it meant a lot for him to come and all was forgiven. He still wondered why Batman was in his living room. He realized Constantine didn't come to apologize. Constantine admitted he wanted to borrow the Keshanti Key and bluntly stated he wasn't going to need it. Simpson punched him and told him to screw himself.

Batman asked him to reconsider since innocent lives were at stake. He looked at Batman and Zatanna then changed his mind. He took the Keshanti Key from a little chest and gave it up. He recalled the doctors advised him to keep an upbeat attitude. He decided to focus on getting to meet Batman, told Zatanna it was nice seeing her, and asked them to show themselves out. They used the Key to find the source of the nightmares in the memories of a Metropolis man named Steve. Constantine believed Simpson could identify the ring worn by the mystery assailant. Jason Blood sought out Simpson for help gaining access to the House of Mystery but found him on the floor with Shrouds having returned. Constantine chased and captured Blood. Batman injected a syringe into Simpson's chest and revived him just as his soul was being pulled out. Simpson exclaimed then groaned. He asked why before passing out. Simpson and Blood were taken to the House of Mystery.

Orchid attempted to heal Simpson. Constantine incanted an image of the ring and asked he be shown that as soon as he woke up. If he did. Simpson awoke and told Constantine the ring belonged to Faust. Constantine asked Orchid to keep Simpson alive and safe. She stated that wasn't her purpose. Constantine was annoyed and ordered her to help him any and every way she was able. He and the others set off to find Faust. Over the course of the battle, they realized Faust had the ability to summon the Demons Three and take the Dreamstone whenever he wanted. Batman deduced Simpson was the threat all along. Simpson waited for Orchid to turn her back then he reached for his cane. He removed the top and plunged his palm over the piece of Dreamstone he owned. Orchid lunged at him but was frozen in mid-air and unable to attack him. Simpson admitted he got a closer to death than he planned. Simpson chided Orchid and reminded her of Constantine's orders to help him. He asked to be taken to the main room then had her walk into the fireplace. Simpson raised his hand and took the other part of the Dreamstone out of phase.

Constantine, Batman, Zatanna, Deadman, and Jason Blood found themselves outside rather than inside. Constantine yelled at Simpson to let them in. After a silence, he opened the doors but informed them they were too late. Simpson was enveloped in a red magic sphere and levitated above the floor. Batman threw a Batarang but it simply bounced off. Simpson raised them all up into the air. Constantine tried to plead with Simpson to stop while there was still time to save his soul. Simpson wasn't having any from 'the man who skated away from everything' and revealed his plan then proclaimed he was immortal and supercharged. Constantine stated he was played for a sap and it was what was left of Destiny's soul seducing him into committing atrocities to gain power. He didn't believe him. The Dreamstone stirred and merged with his chest. The piece floated out of his hand and reconnected with the stone. Simpson screamed they had a deal then was engulfed in flames.

Destiny took control of Simpson's body and materialized. Destiny took flight over D.C. and continued feeding but eventually Constantine and Deadman tricked him with a Trojan Horse strategy. Destiny was distracted long enough by Deadman's possession to be impaled from behind by Blood with Etrigan's sword. The Dreamstone was forced out his chest. Constantine began to incant and burn Destiny away. He tried to summon the stone back but Batman blew it up. After Destiny dissipated, Simpson dropped to his knees. The Shrouds surrounded Simpson. Simpson claimed he was under a compulsion and begged Constantine to save him to repay his debt. Constantine didn't want to take the chance that Destiny was still manipulating him. The Shrouds extracted Simpson's soul and dragged him through a portal to Hell.