Chuckie Sol

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Real Identity: Chuckie Sol
Affiliations: Black Mask Mob
Appearances: Batman: Bad Blood
Powers/Skills: Accounting
Voiced By: Matthew Mercer

Chuckie Sol is a Made Man in the Black Mask mob and performs accounting services. Sol was kidnapped at gunpoint amid a gang war between the organized mob and a new rival gang composed of high tech criminals known to have crossed paths with Batman. That night, Sol was interrogated by Tusk and Electrocutioner at the docks. A bag was held over his head and he was tied upside down. They demanded to know when Black Mask's next weapons shipment was. Sol insisted Black Mask never told anyone those kind of details. Electrocutioner zapped him again. Batwoman intervened and fought the gang. Sol whimpered he was only the accountant. An angry Electrocutioner shoved him and fired at Batwoman.