The Rougarou

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Rougarou are shape shifters who can look human for a time but must drink more blood to keep up the facade. Otherwise, they transform into humanoid animals and quasi-humanoid entities. At some point, Jason Blood became enemies with several of them. In the present, the Rougarou discovered Jason Blood's location in New Orleans. Rather than risk turning into Etrigan and burning down the French Quarter, a sacred site, Blood evacuated with Madame Xanadu and left a message behind for Amanda Waller. The Rougarou hung around, disguised as trumpeters, and eventually attacked the Suicide Squad. One ripped one of Ms. Clay's arm off.

Bane vowed to break them all and punched out a Rougarou with the head of a bull. Another came up behind Bane and ripped out the tube feeding him Venom. Harley whacked it with her bat. Captain Boomerang sliced off the fingertips of another and suggested to Dr. Polaris to wrap a light pole around them. Ms. Clay covered one's head with clay and pointed out Polaris abandoned them for drugs. Harley Quinn was cornered but Chimera came to her rescue and shoved his head through the Rougarou's chest. Chimera started eating the corpses while Harley went back inside to report to Waller.