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Real Identity: Joshua Michael Allen
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter One Power: Blowing Hot and Cold and Chapter Two Power: Containment!
Powers/Skills: Energy Absorption and Ability Replication
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Not a particularly pleasant person, Joshua Michael Allen was later infected with the Parasite Virus. He turned into a monster tortured by perpetual energy starvation. He discovered if he touched someone, he stole all of their energy but the effect faded rapidly and left him hungrier and angrier. Superman's Kryptonian energy sated him and lasted longer. Like a drug of choice, Parasite was addicted to Superman's power. It was also discovered that he also absorbed the powers of super-powered individuals. The longer the contact, the more abilities he siphoned off. Parasite was captured a some point and incarcerated at Belle Reve Penitentiary. After Doomsday's asteroid arrived on Earth, Parasite saw Superman battling Metallo on television and broke free in Belle Reve Prison. The guards let their attention wander to hope of seeing Superman and got too close to Parasite's cell. He began draining the life force from staff and challenged Superman to stop him. He crashed through the walls and fences, making a commotion, to draw Superman close enough to drain.

Superman tackled the two guards he held hostage up into the air but Parasite hung on. He released a guard and pulled himself up, then palmed Superman's face. Luckily, Parasite was overwhelmed by the sudden unfiltered input of sound, rapidly shifting overlapping x-ray, telescopic, microscopic, and infrared vision, and building heat energy. Superman grabbed both guards and held tight as they fell back to the ground. Parasite landed on his back and released a heat vision blast in panic. Superman's powers were restored by the sunlight but he cautioned the guards to stay back. Superman planned to keep Parasite's attention on him and trick him into thinking he was still weak. Superman led him on a chase then went for a passing train. He lifted a container off and dumped its scrap metal payload over Parasite. He planned to trap Parasite under the container. To Superman's surprise, Parasite countered with heat vision. It melted the metal into slag and rained over him. Superman froze the slag into a hardened shell and trapped him. With his x-ray vision, Superman confirmed Parasite was still alive. Guards lifted the frozen slag onto a flatbed.