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Real Identity: Nergal
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine Episode 4
Powers/Skills: Portal Generation, Telekinesis, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Nergal is a powerful demon. John Constantine foolishly summoned him to deal with Alex Logue, a would-be sorcerer who used his daughter to draw dark magic to the physical world during a concert upstairs on his Casanova Club. Nergal sliced cultists in half and used telekinesis to break another's neck. Constantine and his friend Chas Chandler ran off with Astra Logue. Nergal cornered Alex Logue and the rest of the cultists and killed them. Constantine neglected to casting a binding spell on him. Nergal followed them upstairs and slaughtered everyone. He twirled his fingers and made a portal, then immobilized Constantine and Chandler, took Astra Logue out of Chandler's arms, and went back to Hell with her. Constantine ended up in rehab at Ravenscar Secure Facility while Chandler soldiered on pretending everything was alright. The trauma of that night continued to haunt them for years.