Mother Mayhem

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: H.I.V.E. and Church of Blood
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By: Meg Foster

Mother Mayhem is a hard line extremist devoted to Brother Blood and acts as his right hand lieutenant. On the night of a full moon, Mother Mayhem and a scientist presided over a H.I.V.E. base atop a steep, isolated desert hill. Soldiers and those using exosuits loaded several transport vehicles with equipment related to the scientist's project. Mother Mayhem received a call on an encrypted channel from Deathstroke. He warned the Teen Titans would arrive in less than a minute. She checked the monitors and saw no sign of them. Deathstroke didn't care if she believed him or not then signed off. The Titans arrived as anticipated. Mother Mayhem deemed the base compromised and ordered H.I.V.E. to abandon it. She and the scientist left the command room and boarded a transport. Mayhem told two soldiers their service had ended, shot them dead, and blessed them both then drove away.

Mayhem returned to the Church's headquarters and reported directly to Brother Blood. He noted she was punctual as always. She asked how he could be so calm and noted the Titans destroyed three bases. Blood reiterated his plan was 900 years in the making and he was always victorious over his opposition. Mayhem noticed Bryce Peterson, a reporter, was strung up and supplying the Bloodpit. Blood commented he wouldn't be asking impertinent questions. Mayhem surmised Peterson's heresy didn't compare to the theat of the Titans and admitted they barely escaped them. Blood noted they escaped thanks to Deathstroke. She followed him to another section of the Church where the scientist was performing an experiment on test subjects. After Jericho, one of the subjects, was successfully infused with the energy of the other four, Blood advanced preparations. Mayhem told Jericho his service came to an end, blessed him, and fatally shot him in the temple of his head.

Blood and Mayhem met with Deathstroke and Terra under the Church's arena to conclude the contract. Terra called the Church of a "bunch of crazies" to which Mayhem called her insolent trash. Deathstroke ordered her to keep it together. Blood asked Mayhem to be civil to their guests as their business was not yet complete. Blood pointed out all but Nightwing were captured and it ruined the symmetry of the Enervator. He alluded to an alternative. Deathstroke nodded in agreement. Mayhem shot Terra with a tranquilizer dart then despoited $200 million into Deathstroke's bank account. The Enervator, Blood, Mayhem, and Deathstroke were raised up to the arena. Mayhem operated the Enervator while Blood announced his moment of ascendency had arrived. Mayhem was moved to tears. As Blood was transformed by the Enervator, Nightwing made his move. Mayhem tried to shoot him but only hit other followers. He threw an exploding Birdarang at the Enervator console and blew her away.

The Titans were released and overcame Blood. Raven used her Soul Self to strip Blood of all his powers and vitality. Mother Mayhem refused to allow Blood to be imprisoned and shot him three times in the chest. She proclaimed he was saved and cradled his body as they were crushed in the cave-in.