Man-Bat Ninjas

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman
Powers/Skills: Flight, Echolocation, Above Average Physical Attributes, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Ra's Al Ghul sought to create the ultimate warrior. He created Operation Airstrike and planned to create an army of flying super-powered ninjas using sonar in the dead of night. No military could withstand them. Ra's recruited Dr. Kirk Langstrom to synthesize a stronger Man-Bat Serum by splicing animal DNA with human using advanced mutagens. The new serum was unstable and Langstrom had to make gradual improvements.

Deathstroke later assumed control of the project and used Langstrom's serum to create his own army of Man-Bat Ninjas. While Batman and Robin tried to rescue Langstrom from the Gotham Coliseum, they encountered the Man-Bats. Batman and Robin escaped through the dome and as expected, the Man-Bats followed. Batman set off a charge and neutralized the Man-Bats with debris. Deathstroke kept Man-Bat Ninjas stationed in the undersea cavern under Ra's' oil rig off the Outer Hebrides. Once Batman arrived, Deathstroke ordered the Man-Bats to kill them all. Batman set them off by activating a Batarang that emitted a high pitch frequency. The Man-Bats went into a frenzy and crammed into the elevator shaft to the rig. The shaft broke and several Man-Bats made it to the surface while others were attacked by sharks. The surviving ninjas were attacked by Nightwing and Dr. Langstrom from the Batplane. Langstrom manned the plane's ventral turret and shot the Man-Bats with his antidote. They were instantly reverted back to human.