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Real Identity: Lobo
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Three Power: The Harder They Fall and Chapter Four Power: Slugfest!
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Unarmed Combat, Marksmanship, and Hunting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lobo is one of the most hated and feared intergalactic bounty hunters in the galaxy. He is a Czarnian and the last of his kind. He often refers to himself as the "Main Man." Lobo hunted for a Redonka Sea Creature that destroyed the oceans of thirty planets. He followed its trail to Earth. After Superman destroyed Toymaster's Blastfyre robot, Lobo flew over them on the Spacehog. Superman took off after him. Lobo stopped at a small island and, with the element of surprise, took aim at the creature, masking itself as a child. Superman was ignorant of the situation and kicked Lobo off the Spacehog. They traded blows while Lobo claimed he was on a bounty. Superman tackled him into a house but Lobo decked him with a buoy but took an uppercut and was tackled into the air. To prove his words, Lobo knocked Superman towards the child. It revealed its true form and swallowed Superman whole. Its hide was nearly invulnerable and resisted his heat vision and punches. He simply flew back out its mouth and knocked out some teeth.

Superman admitted he was a bit too hasty. Lobo explained what the creature was and the crimes it committed. To take away its speed, Lobo told Superman to hit it with freeze breath. The creature was slowed down and Lobo fired his equipment at it. The creature shrank then Lobo stuck it in a small capsule. He was relieved he ran into Superman and didn't have to chase it underwater and get his hair wet or damage the Spacehog. He stated they would split the capture fee. Superman declined and told Lobo to keep his half as an apology. 15 minutes later, Lobo departed Earth.