Alex Logue

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Real Identity: Alex Logue
Affiliations: Casanova Club
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 3 and Episode 4)
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Magic
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Alex Logue was the owner of the Casanova Club in Newcastle and a twisted bastard who fancied himself a sorcerer. He held "magical convocations" in rooms underneath the night club. Logue later met John Constantine, who claimed to have a natural gift for the occult arts and studied it since he was a boy. Logue mentored Constantine but he eventually found out Logue was using his own daughter, Astra, against her will as a focal point for his spells and draw dark magic into the physical world. Instead of calling the police, Constantine decided to save Astra Logue himself. He foolishly thought he could stop Logue by summoning a bigger devil, a demon named Nergal. Nergal slaughtered Logue's followers while Constantine and Chas Chandler ran back upstairs with Astra. Nergal decapitated Alex Logue then followed them upstairs and killed everyone at the concert then took Astra to Hell with him, leaving Constantine and Chandler traumatized.