Killer Croc

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Real Identity: Waylon Jones
Appearances: Son of Batman
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

Waylon Jones was affilicted with a medical condition that gave him reptilian traits. He turned to a life of crime as Killer Croc. In Gotham City, he quickly became an enemy of Batman. Years later, Killer Croc was hired by Dr. Kirk Langstrom to steal drugs from biotech firms in the city in exchange for steroids. After hitting half the firms, Batman took an interest and confronted Croc during a theft. He soon noticed Killer Croc was a lot bigger and had grown a tail. After Croc shrugged off some Batarangs, Batman attempted to punch him into submission. Croc grabbed him with his tail and tossed him out the building. Batman caught up with Croc in the loading zone of the firm and pinned him with a forklift. Croc was too strong and tossed it aside. He grabbed Batman and attempted to smash in head in. Talia Al Ghul intervened and tasered him from behind. He lost consciousness.

Killer Croc was arrested and taken to Arkham Asylum. Without a dose of steroids, Croc soon began to deteriorate. He even began shedding scales. Since he was in a state of agitation, Arkham nurses were too afraid to get close and administer medication. Commissioner Gordon and Batman interrogated Croc together but got nowhere. Batman noticed Croc's condition and pulled his tail off. He then offered a quid pro quo. Batman was given Dr. Langstrom's location.