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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Five Proof: Pitch, Chapter Six Proof: Shots, and Chapter Seven Proof: Into The Fire
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Intergang is an organization of criminals known to utilize advanced technology. In Metropolis, Bruno Mannheim led a small group in power suits and marched into City Hall. They kidnapped the Mayor and his wife and demanded a trade for their comrades in prison. Superman arrived and dispatched them. Superman suspected they had an ally supplying them with the suits. Cyborg looked at a remnant on the ground and verified it was Apokoliptian. Jimmy Olsen believed the use of Apokoliptian tech seemed off. Back at the Daily Planet, he looked over photographs he took at the scene. He noticed a dropped Ace O'Clubs matchbook and believed there was a connection. Perry White thought it was flimsy at best but suggested he talk to Lois Lane or Clark Kent about following up. Olsen decided to deliver Bibbo Bibbowski's photo with Superman instead. Bibbowski noticed the matchbook photo and asked about it. Olsen told him about the discovery then asked if he heard anything suspicious. Bibbowski recalled some goons talking about a caper and pointed them out.

Jimmy Olsen followed the pair to a run-down building. He hid behind a dumpster then after the goons entered, he jumped to a fire escape. The ladder extended and creaked. He eavesdropped on a higher-up talking about eating lunch at Gino's then bailing out Bruno Mannheim. After they left the room, Olsen entered the office from the window and the floor creaked. Olsen opened a drawer and saw a gun similar to the weapons Intergang used at City Hall. He took a photo then noticed his page-one photo of a Parademon then saw a Mother Box. Two goons barged in, armed with hi-tech rifles. They decided to just kill Olsen. Olsen tried to bluff them and pretended to be a drug addict looking for a score. It didn't work and they searched him. They found a Superman screen shot on his phone and a Daily Planet press pass in his wallet. One of the goons got a call and learned the judge denied bail for Bruno Mannheim. The goons decided to use Olsen as a hostage and blackmail Superman into breaking Mannheim out for them.

Olsen didn't think Superman would have any trouble with them. They took Olsen downstairs and showed off their Apokoliptian cannon. They boasted it was powerful enough to take out Superman. Olsen kept stalling for time and asked if they were working for Darkseid. One of the goons was amused and complimented him for his imagination then stepped in too close. Olsen kicked him in the crotch then hit the other with his feet, chair, and all his momentum. Olsen's phone went skidding but he ran for the door. The goon's boss returned in a panic about a monster beating up the Justice League. Now untied, Olsen lunged for his phone. A school bus suddenly crashed through the building and killed the Intergang. Olsen realized he was the only survivor but was face to face with Doomsday.