H.I.V.E. Scientist

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: H.I.V.E. and Church of Blood
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Biology and Technology
Voiced By: Crispin Freeman

A molecular biologist working for H.I.V.E. faked his death in a crash and was solely devoted to a project designed to turn Brother Blood into a living god. Inspired by Blood's method of bathing in his enemies' blood to extend his life, the scientist designed a machine that could take the genetic make-up and abilities of the Teen Titans, transfer them to Blood, and transform him. On the night of a full moon, the scientist supervised soldiers at a H.I.V.E. base atop a steep, isolated desert hill. Soldiers and those using exosuits loaded several transport vehicles with equipment related to the scientist's project. After one soldier lost control of hand truck, the scientist chastised him and stated the equipment was worth more than his life. Mother Mayhem was warned by Deathstroke that the Teen Titans would arrive in less than a minute. Mother Mayhem deemed the base compromised and ordered H.I.V.E. to abandon it. She and the scientist left the command room and boarded a transport.

Mayhem told the soldier their service had ended, shot them dead, and blessed them both then drove away. Nightwing entered the command room and started a data transfer of files. He added the new files to the ones too damaged to read from previous two raids in the hopes that the computer could find a connection they missed but the program would take one to two days to finish reconstruction and integration. They discovered a lead on the scientist, his personal lab was still being funded by one of Blood's holding companies. The Titans arrived just as he finished emailing his finished Enervator design to Blood. He started to delete the file when the Starfire fired a warning shot near him. The scientist initiated self-destruction of his hard drives and activated the lab's H.I.V.E. drones then fled the lab. Starfire sent Raven after him. Raven formed a shadow construct around his neck and walked him back to the other Titans. Before they could interrogate him, Deathstroke remotely operated one of the drones and shot the scientist through the chest. The Titans recovered his briefcase and discovered H.I.V.E. was in studying them.