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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By:

H.I.V.E. is a terrorist organization who has clashed with the Teen Titans in the past. Their soldiers and arsenal take on the yellow and black motif of bees. It and the Church of Blood are in reality the same organization, a worldwide cult dedicated to the immortal known as Brother Blood. He professed the Church was the one true house of faith, he was the one true God, and his followers were the seeds of the next generation. Together, they were the hive of humanity. At some point in the present, Blood presented them publicly as separate. The likeness of the H.I.V.E. soldiers have been added to the Titans Tower's training simulation program. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, studied them since he left the Teen Titans. He concluded they were zealots and extremists who would sacrifice themselves without hesitation in order to win. Years later, after Grayson, now Nightwing, rejoined the Teen Titans, the team began an aggressive campaign against H.I.V.E. and began raiding their bases. Months passed.

On the night of a full moon, a H.I.V.E. base atop a steep, isolated desert hill was busy with activity. Soldiers and those using exosuits loaded several transport vehicles with equipment related to a scientist's project. After one soldier lost control of hand truck, the scientist chastised him and stated the equipment was worth more than his life. Mother Mayhem received a call on an encrypted channel from Deathstroke. He warned the Teen Titans would arrive in less than a minute. She checked the monitors and saw no sign of them. Deathstroke didn't care if she believed him or not then signed off. At the base of the hill, two soldiers on hover boards were ambushed by Starfire and Nightwing. Starfire stomped one while Nightwing threw the board at the other. Starfire illuminated a palm to signal the other Titans. Nightwing was not so sure climbing the hill in moonlight was the best choice but Starfire finally got his attention. Terra created an opening in the base and transported the Titans up a narrow corridor like an elevator.

Once Terra took them six inches under the base's floor, Starfire blew a hole. The H.I.V.E. soldiers took up positions behind shelving and up on the scaffolding then opened fire. Mother Mayhem deemed the base compromised and ordered H.I.V.E. to abandon it. She and the scientist left the command room. Robin noticed H.I.V.E. was well prepared and their reaction time to them was much better than the previous raid. Three exosuits joined the battle. Nightwing requested Starfire perform the new training move. She flew him into the air. He landed on top of one of the exosuits and punched the pilot then shot at another. The third exo opened fire. An exosuit finished loading the last of the transports. Mother Mayhem and the scientist boarded a transport. Mayhem told the soldier their service had ended, shot them dead, and blessed them both then drove away. Nightwing made his way to the command room and worked on overriding the door lock while he and Starfire attacked soldiers in tandem. He entered and started a data transfer of files.

To everyone's surprise, Nightwing presented a duplicate key to Starfire and asked her to move into an apartment with him. The raid ended with Beast Boy announcing he gained his millionth follower on Tweeter. Back at the Titans Tower, Nightwing added the new files to the ones too damaged to read from previous two raids in the hopes that the computer could find a connection they missed but the program would take one to two days to finish reconstruction and integration. They discovered a lead on a molecular biologist who worked for H.I.V.E. was reported dead in a crash but the body was never recovered and his personal lab was still being funded by one of Brother Blood's holding companies. The Titans arrived just as he finished emailing his finished Enervator design to Blood. The scientist blew his hard drives and activated the lab's H.I.V.E. drones. Deathstroke remotely operated one of the drones and killed the scientist but the Titans recovered his briefcase and discovered H.I.V.E. was in turn studying them.

Deathstroke used some H.I.V.E. technology to aid in capturing the Titans and conclude his contract with Brother Blood, including a device affixed to the bottom of a chair connected to several car batteries that electrocuted Blue Beetle. Nightwing avoided capture and ran a trace on Terra's phone after realizing she was a double agent. He stowed away on the underside of a transport driving to the Church of Blood headquarters. Blood used the Enervator to replicate the Titans' genetics and powers to transform him into an ascended being. Nightwing freed the Titans and Terra, in her rage, triggered the utter collapse of the headquarters. Raven stripped Blood of his form and reduced him to a husk. Mother Mayhem refused to allow Blood to be imprisoned and shot him three times in the chest. She cradled him as they were crushed in the cave-in, leaving H.I.V.E. without its principal leadership.