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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Flight, Armed Combat, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Gordanians are a warrior race of hostile aliens. Komand'r staged a coup and took the throne of Tamaran. The Gordanians pursued Koriand'r, Komand'r's sister, to Earth and engaged in an aerial battle with her above an American city. The Teen Titans happened to be driving on the freeway and sighted them. The Gordanians knocked Koriand'r into a street. She looked up at them in defiance and was struck. They dragged her out of the crater but the Titans intervened. Bumblebee blasted the lead Gordanian then Beast Boy rammed through the group as a rhino. Speedy perched on a building ledge and fired exploding trick arrows. Robin ran into the smoke screen created by the arrows and attacked the Gordanians with his escrima sticks. He jump kicked the pair holding Koriand'r. She spoke in Tamaranean and looked up. Robin deduced she was saying something about the Gordanian's portal in the sky and asked Speedy over comms if he had anything to close it. Speedy fired a high explosive into it.

The portal reacted and began pulling everything towards it. Several Gordanians were sucked into the portal but one of grabbed Koriand'r's legs and Robin lost hold of her. He let go, turned, and threw a Birdarang at the Gordanian. It was knocked into the portal. Robin grabbed her wrist and the portal closed. Koriand'r kissed Robin and gained the ability to speak English then explained what happened to her. Robin offered her sanctuary with the Teen Titans. She agreed to a week at the longest.