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Real Identity: Dr. Doris Zuel
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Chapter Four and Chapter Five
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Giganta was hired by followers in Vandal Savage's underground empire. She was one of many dispatched to the Recovery medical naval ship to kill Scandal Savage and Knockout. The Suicide Squad was dispatched by Amanda Waller to keep them both alive in her quest for the Amaurex Key. In need of an advantage, an assassin gave Giganta the greenlight to transform. Ms. Clay recognized "Zuel" but couldn't remember why. Coyote stated he would eat her. Bane declared she would learn what a real fight was. She revealed herself and grew into a giant. She pounded Bane into the floor then Coyote jumped on her right arm and bit her. She slammed him into the ship then tossed him into the ocean. Harley Quinn tried batting her tendon. Ms. Clay told her to draw Giganta to her but got stepped on instead. Giganta was grossed out and peeled her off. Bane recovered but she kicked him into the ocean. Waller hailed the helicopter pilot for a pick up but Giganta grabbed the tail and forced it down.

Amanda Waller hailed Chimera on comms and ordered him to aid Bane in returning to Recovery and to deal with Giganta. Chimera took one look and mused he needed to go deep. Once Scandal Savage returned to Waller, Waller shot several bullets at Giganta to draw her attention. A giant squid summoned by Chimera surfaced and grabbed her arms and throat. Waller ordered Chimera to render her unconscious and not kill her. She presumed she might need Giganta one day. On Waller's call, Chimera ordered the squid to release Giganta. She fell right on top of several zealots in a shoot out with Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Bane.