Gentleman Ghost

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Real Identity: Jim Craddock
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Possession and Supernatural Influence
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gentleman Ghost is the spirit of a dead highwayman. In life, Vandal Savage made Jim Craddock swear to guard the Amaurex Key. In death, he was bound to his promise. In the present, Jason Blood met with Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad in Boston's Granary Burial Grounds and they looked around for the ghost of a blacksmith with Spectral Lens while they waited for the guide Blood arranged for. Harley Quinn sighted the smith and gave chase. She tried to jump over another for fun but she was surprisingly struck by the spirit. The spirit turned out to be Gentleman Ghost. He warned them what they wanted wasn't for the living and promised to rectify it by killing them. He gave his word as a gentleman that their demise would be swift. Blood crudely told Gentleman Ghost their operation didn't concern him. He countered it didn't concern Blood either and he plundered the wrong side of the veil. He revealed most ghosts in the grounds answered to him then sent them to kill everyone. Waller managed to blow off the heads of several with Nth Metal Jacket Bullets.

Blood directed her to shoot Gentleman Ghost to get rid of all the spirits. However, Gentleman Ghost possessed Bane. He disarmed and punched Waller then attacked Captain Boomerang as he leaped for the gun. Harley disregarded Blood's warning and charged. She was knocked off her feet. Gentleman Ghost admired Bane's strength. He was shocked to see Etrigan but insisted he was bound to safeguard the current bearer of the Amaurex Key because it functioned best where it was. He saw through Blood's ruse and deduced Etrigan was just an illusion. He ordered several of his ghosts to tear it away from Blood. With Chimera neutralized, Ms. Clay came up with a quick plan and knocked Bane towards the iron fence at the front of the grounds. Dr. Polaris used his ability to wrap several of the iron around Bane. Gentleman Ghost admired their resourcefulness but simply left Bane's body then possessed Polaris. He was amazed with Polaris' magnetic abilities and sent Captain Boomerang's weapons into Chimera. He ordered several ghosts to keep Ms. Clay neutralized while he retrieved Waller's gun.

Gentleman Ghost aimed at Blood and told him of the poor choices he made. Before he could fire, he was disarmed and was shocked to see Clay punch out the ghosts. Deadman revealed himself and punched Polaris. Gentleman Ghost left his body but got decked by Deadman. Gentleman Ghost promised him retribution for crossing a line the dead would not suffer then vanished. Gentleman Ghost's hold also faded and the ghosts returned to their normal patterns. Blood, Deadman, Waller, and the squad found the ghost of a blacksmith who worked for Vandal Savage and heard his story about finishing the Amaurex Key. Gentleman Ghost went to the Maurepas Swamp in Louisiana and warned Solomon Grundy, the key's host, that the Suicide Squad was coming to take the key away. Sure enough, they came and Gentleman Ghost pointed them out. Waller told him the mission didn't concern him or Grundy. Gentleman Ghost disagreed and revealed his history with the key. Deadman left Bane's body to fight Gentleman Ghost and stop him from trying to possess anyone.

Gentleman Ghost mocked them for trying to shoot Grundy but was punched by Deadman, knocking his monocle off again. Dr. Polaris tried crashing Waller's jet into Grundy but to no avail. Gentleman Ghost mocked them again and was punched again. Deadman stated he could keep punching him for an eternity. He still couldn't believe the squad thought they had a chance against Grundy. Ms. Clay, Savage, and Polaris worked in concert and removed the key. The action created a temporary tear between the physical world and the afterlife. Gentleman Ghost bid Grundy farewell as the latter faded away. He concluded he did his best but was no longer bound to the world of the living and faded away, too, reckoning he would see Vandal Savage in hell.