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Real Identity: Draco
Appearances: Batman vs Robin
Powers/Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Peter Onorati

Draco is a major mob boss in Gotham City. He deals in drugs and has a veritable army of lawyers on his payroll. They alone kept him from prison for years. At age 23, he caught Big Frankie by surprise and shot four bullets into his head. Draco took control of all the crime families in the East End. At age 30, he was in control of half the city's organized crime. While eating dinner with his crew at The Garden, Draco nearly choked to death on chicken but Talon sneaked up and performed a live saving manuever. Draco was thankful at first but realized it wasn't one of his men who saved him. Talon and Robin made short work of his men and cornered Draco. Knocked on his back, Draco tried to bribe them but Robin continued hitting him and stated they were acting for the lives his drugs ruined. Draco was amused and recommended Robin to join the Salvation Army instead of being a vigilante. Robin leaped up and hit Draco in the gut with a knee. Talon ordered Robin to execute Draco but he refused on account of all the evidence present. Draco finally recognized who Robin was but had his face stomped.