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Real Identity: Anton Schott
Affiliations: Schott's Toys
Appearances: Batman vs Robin
Powers/Skills: Invention and Surgery
Voiced By: Al Yankovic

Anton Schott is the son and primary victim of Winslow Schott, a psychopathic killer and original owner of the Schott's Toys business. Anton's testimony led to his father's conviction and prison sentence. Unnoticed though, the psychological damage was done. He believed "the monster" stole his innocence and the child known as Anton Schott died. Eventually, Anton took over the business and it flourished until the floods came and devastated the town of Ichabod, where Schott's Toys was based. Three years later (or 12 years after his father's conviction), Schott took on the name Dollmaker. Through his warped sense of ethics, Dollmaker sought to protect as many children as he could and give them the means to survive. As children, they were helpless but as dolls, no one could ever hurt them.

Dollmaker kidnapped children from Gotham City who bought products made by Schott's Toys and subjected them to horrific surgeries. Some died from the pain. To Dollmaker, they were a necessary sacrifice so the others could live on. For the ones that did live, their faces were partially replaced with the face off a doll hanging in the toy factory and some of their limbs were amputated and replaced with weapons. As a result, the victims were changed into rabid dolls. The second Robin, Damian Wayne, found the connection between the kidnapped children and Schott's Toys. He didn't report his findings to Batman and drove the Batmobile without permission to Ichabod. With Batman on his way, Robin searched the toy factory ever cognizant of Batman's "justice before vengeance" creed.

Dollmaker encountered Robin and was confused about his worrisome disposition. Dollmaker assured him he loved the children and made sure they could survive in this "sad cruel world." Robin angrily declared him a psychopath. Dollmaker released his dolls and ordered them to protect him. Once Batman made his entrance, Dollmaker ran for it. He made it outside the factory with Robin in hot pursuit. Robin caught up and kicked him in the face. Every word Dollmaker spoke in his defense continued to infuriate Robin. Dollmaker tried to run but his legs were restrained with a bola. As Robin dragged Dollmaker back to him, the villain stammered he loved the children and didn't get why Robin wouldn't listen or understand. Robin threatened to rip his heart out but spared the whimpering mess. Robin turned his back and remembered Batman's words. Dollmaker stood up and was about to bash Robin with a log when the Talon ripped his heart out from behind. He left a stolen owl feather on Dollmaker's person and advised Robin to trust his instincts before departing the scene. Batman assumed the worst and accused Robin of the murder. With the state police closing in, Robin didn't divulge who the real killer was and left.