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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Mastery over Black Magic
Voiced By: Alfred Molina

During the age of Camelot, a man of science went insane and forged the Dreamstone with black magic and his soul. It served as a powerful conduit of evil. Now calling himself Destiny, he used it to subject people to their most terrifying nightmares and then feed off their torment. Merlin and seven Knights of the Round Table battled Destiny in a village he attacked. The Knights fell prey to the Dreamstone, but one fought on. Jason Blood charged after his horse was fatally injured. Destiny raised him into the air. Merlin cast a summoning spell. Blood lunged forward but was impaled by Destiny's sword. Etrigan was brought forth by Merlin. Merlin promised to release his bond if Destiny was defeated. Etrigan spewed volleys of flame at Destiny. He conjured a black magic glyph to block it but Etrigan shattered it with his oversized blade. Destiny thrust his staff but Etrigan countered and shattered the Dreamstone. Merlin cast white magic on Destiny. As he faded away, Destiny vowed it wasn't over. Sensing a shared destiny, Merlin merged Blood and Etrigan into one.

Destiny waited and plotted for 500 years. Ritchie Simpson discovered a small piece of the Dreamstone and believed it could cure him of a supernatural form of cancer he was infected with. He thought the piece was sentient and failed to realize Destiny's soul was in the stone. Destiny cast a spell to start gathering power through Simpson as a third party. Not everyone was immediately rendered insane. The power transfer was indirect and poor, thus the spell was unable to affect the Justice League at first but cast a wide net so Destiny couldn't be tracked back to Simpson until he had enough power to rematerialize on the Earthly plane. Simpson was given instructions by the stone on how to get the Demons Three to bring their portion of the Dreamstone back to the Earthly plane. John Constantine and Jason Blood inadvertently ruined Simpson's initial plan by challenging the Demons Three to a game of poker. Constantine raised them with the House of Mystery and its contents. The Demons called with the larger piece of the Dreamstone, a working Soul Catcher, Algid's Ice Spiker, and the Ghaurrazzi.

Constantine won by cheating with magic and changing Abnegazar's hand back but a fight broke out. He forced Blood to transform into Etrigan and dispatch the Demons. Constantine confiscated their artifacts, including the Dreamstone, and sent it into the House of Mystery. Simpson settled on framing Faust and manipulating his way into the House. The Justice League took notice of normal law-abiding citizens going insane from nightmare visions after several cases with similiar patterns began to repeat in cities like Washington D.C., Metropolis, and Gotham City over the period of a week. A woman in D.C. saw demons after a minor rear end accident. She panicked and began driving through several civilians who she thought were demons until Wonder Woman lifted her car. Superman helped a SWAT team stop a man named Steve in Metropolis from killing his wife and two children, who he thought was taken by a monster. They discovered Steve also murdered his neighbors and stored their bodies in a backyard shed.

Batman saved an infant after its mother threw it from atop a church but she committed suicide. Wonder Woman suspected a paranormal element but Batman didn't believe magic was a valid factor to consider. Rama Kushna could sense the spell had the potential to break down the walls between the planes and even affect the afterlife. She instructed Deadman to gather Constantine, Zatanna, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League. Deadman wrote 'Constantine' all over the Wayne Manor master bedroom walls. Batman sought out Zatanna's help with finding Constantine but she initially refused. Deadman temporarily possessed Batman and informed her it was important that Batman talked to him then asked her to come along, too. As the House closed in on their location, Felix Faust was taken control of and conjured a demonic tornado to attack them. Simpson thought he was taking control of Faust with his piece of the Dreamstone but it was Destiny in actuality. Constantine resisted the idea of working with a team but consented.

They went to Simpson's D.C. home and discovered Shrouds waiting outside for him to die. Batman convinced Simpson to curb his anger towards Constantine and help save innocent lives. He lent them the Keshanti Key. They went to the Metropolis Health Center. Constantine used the Key to bypass 20 odd hours of incantations and directly open a portal into Steve's memories. Destiny took control of Faust again then conjured a Golem from fecal matter in the Health Center's restroom. Constantine found a planted memory of a figure in black wearing a gold ring infecting Steve with madness. He fell for the ruse and took the memory with him. They exited Steve's memories just in time and Zatanna discorporated the Golem. Simpson staged an incident and got closer to death than he planned. Jason Blood arrived in search of way to get into the House of Mystery in order to steal the Dreamstone. Constantine's team returned to Simpson's home but the Shrouds were back, too. Constantine captured Blood after he tried to flee while Batman revived Simpson with a syringe to the chest.

Blood and Simpson were taken back to the House. Once Simpson woke up, he identified the ring as Faust's. Constantine fell for it, according to his plans, and took the team to seek out Swamp Thing's help in locating the wizard. Faust was discovered to have the ability to summon the Demons Three at his choosing and thus, could have taken the Dreamstone at any time. Batman deduced Simpson was the source of the nightmare crimes all along. Simpson waited for Orchid to turn her back then grabbed his cane. He plunged his palm over his Dreamstone piece and took control of the House. Constantine tried to tell him it was Destiny seducing him with promises of power and immortality but he refused to be reasoned with. The larger Dreamstone suddenly merged with his chest then his piece reconnected. Simpson's force sphere was turned to flames. Destiny took over Simpson's body and materialized. He called himself a god and refused to prattle with mortals. Destiny blew up the Hoouse and flew away.

Destiny proceeded through Washington D.C. and directly used his spell. People, normal and superhuman alike, were instantly driven insane and fed Destiny more power. Blood estimated he would take D.C. by midnight and the Eastern Seaboard by dawn. Deadman failed to pierce Destiny's force shield. Batman informed the rest of the Justice League of the developments. Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman responded. Green Lantern formed a pincer and tossed Destiny into a building. Destiny shot a bust of energy from his chest, breached Lantern's shield, and sent him flying into a billboard. The Leaguers did not keep a safe distance and were infected with Destiny's madness, too. Blood summoned Etrigan but Destiny broke Merlin's spell and split them back into two. Constantine incanted and lit a nearby tree on fire. Swamp Thing sensed the assault on the Green and investigated. He mistook Destiny as the perpetrator and attacked.

Destiny sensed he secretly hoped to be human again. To dispel him of the notion, Destiny pulled Alec Holland's corpse out of his body then ordered him back to the dirt. Swamp Thing vanished back into the Green. Constantine came up with a Trogan Horse strategy and started insulting Destiny. Destiny took the bait and pulled him into the force shield. Due to his many experiences, Constantine resisted the spell of madness. Deadman emerged from his body and possessed Destiny. The force shield dropped and he fell to the street below. Deadman was ejected but Blood impaled Destiny from behind with Etrigan's sword. The Dreamstone was knocked out of him, as a result. Constantine began to incant and lit Destiny on fire. Destiny tried to summon the Dreamstone back but Batman blew it up with an exploding Batarang. Destiny was destroyed and Simpson's soul was taken to Hell by Shrouds.