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Real Identity: DeSaad
Affiliations: Apokolips
Appearances: Justice League: War
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Technology
Voiced By: Bruce Thomas

DeSaad is a god scientist and chief torturer on Apokolips and serves Darkseid. Upon observing the rise of several super-humans in opposition to the Parademons sent in an advance to Earth, DeSaad humbly asked Darkseid to move up the time table of his plans. Darkseid motioned for the invasion to take place ahead of schedule. During the battle, Superman was taken to Apokolips and brought to DeSaad. He declared Darkseid would be pleased to finally have the Kryptonian. DeSaad went to work splicing Superman's genetic code and transforming him into a Super Parademon to lead the Earth invasion force. Batman used a Parademon corpse to walk his way right up to DeSaad then attacked. DeSaad attempted to stab him but Batman got him by the neck. DeSaad was impressed by Batman's resourcefulness but admitted it was too late. He hit a button and summoned more Parademons. While Batman quickly tried to use DeSaad's control panel, Superman woke up amid the transformation sequence and snapped DeSaad's neck.