Demons Three

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Real Identity: Abnegazar, Rath, and Ghast
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Magic, Telekinesis, Conjuring, Portal Generation, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: JB Blanc (Abnegazar), Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Rath), and Fred Tatasciore (Ghast)

The Demons Three are Abnegazar, Rath, and Ghast, a trio of brothers from Hell. Ritchie Simpson thought he found the cure for a supernatural form of cancer in the Dreamstone. He thought the piece he found was sentient, but its creator Destiny all along, and it instructed him on how to get the Demons Three to bring the rest of the Dreamstone to Earth. Simpson's original plan was foiled by cards. The Demons Three, Constantine, and Jason Blood played a game of poker at the Lucky Devil Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Demons naturally cheated and even Constantine's four of a kind failed. Abnegazar changed his next hand to a royal flush of spades. With their next group of "friends", including David Copperfield, due to arrive soon, the Demons opted to bust Constantine and Blood. Constantine raised them the House of Mystery and its contents instead of folding like Blood. The Demons huddled and agreed to call. They chanted and opened a portal then pulled a small chest out. The chest contained most of a Dreamstone, a working Soul Catcher, Algid's Ice Spiker, and the Ghaurrazzi.

Not intent on acting like poor sport, Constantine accepted their call. Constantine's hand only had a pair of twos but he restored Abnegazar's hand back to normal and won. Abnegazar was enraged he cheated and slammed the poker table. Constantine pointed out they both cheated but he did it better. Abnegazar vowed to rip his heart out. Constantine snatched the Ice Spiker and froze Abnegazar's face then jumped behind the bar. Ghast and Rath readied their axes as Constantine fired at them. Abnegazar shattered the ice off his face then conjured an axe. Constantine began to freeze and abandoned the Ice Spiker. Blood refused to help. Rath swung his axe onto the bar. Constantine crawled to a column and ducked Abnegazar's axe just in time. Constantine incanted and forced Blood to transform into Etrigan. Ghast and Rath were intimidated and wanted to talk it out instead of continue fighting. Abengazar was annoyed and ordered them to kill everyone. Etrigan stomped Abnegazar to the ground then spewed hellfire on the other two then chopped their heads off.

Ghast and Rath continue talking and vowed they would make Constantine pay and take his soul. Etrigan stabbed Abnegazar in the chest. The Demons fell into a portal as they continued to threaten Constantine. Blood returned and decked Constantine for gambling on Etrigan. He confiscated the Demons' artifacts and sent it into the House of Mystery. Five days later, Destiny's insanity affliction spread all over the planet and caught the notice of the Justice League. Following Rama Kushna's instructions, Deadman went to try and gather the Justice League, Constantine, and Zatanna. Over the course of their investigation, Ritchie Simpson framed Felix Faust. They invaded his Observatory of the Cosmos and attacked. Faust refused to stoop to brawling with Etrigan and summoned the Demons Three in their more massive forms. Etrigan killed them again, even snapping one's neck. Once the battle was over, Faust professed he didn't know what he did to warrant such an intrusion. Blood realized Faust wasn't responsible for the world's madness because he had the power to summon the Demons Three at anytime and could have taken the Dreamstone whenever he wished. Batman deduced it was Simpson all along.