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Real Identity: Uxas
Affiliations: Apokolips
Appearances: Justice League: War
Powers/Skills: Omega Effect, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Invulnerability, Levitation, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Steve Blum

Darkseid is the absolute ruler of Apokolips and seeks to conquer the universe. Due to the rise of several super-humans in opposition to the Parademons sent in an advance to Earth, Darkseid moved up the full scale invasion. He took a portal to Earth and arrived on a platform off the coast of Metropolis. Darkseid declared he was the embodiment of entropy and death then was attacked by Green Lantern and Superman. Darkseid unleased a shockwave from his arms and moved on to wreak havoc in the city. While Batman went to retrieve Superman, Green Lantern attempted to rally the others into a team. They decided on attacking Darkseid's eyes but Shazam almost botched the plan with his showboating. Darkseid grabbed Shazam and flailed him around casting lightning at the others until Flash got him free. Wonder Woman took charge and had the others attack Darkseid from all sides. She then binded Darkseid's neck with her Lasso of Truth then stabbed his right eye. He proceeded to beat her to a pulp but the super-humans continued their assault.

The Flash borrowed a crow bar and jammed it into Darkseid's left eye. Shazam's lightning was drawn to the metal and injured Darkseid further. Darkseid refused to surrender and was enraged when Cyborg activated every several Boom Tubes at once, including his personal one. Superman and Batman returned and joined in trying to force Darkseid through the Boom Tube back to Apokolips. He attempted to take Superman with him but to no avail. With Shazam's lightning, Cyborg drew enough energy to initiate the Boom Tube's closure and Darkseid was defeated.