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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Trigon
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Powers/Skills: Possession, Shadow Mimicry, Ability Bestowal, Shapeshifting, Merging, Energy Emission, Flame Breathing, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Steve Blum, Sean Maher, Jason O'Mara, and T.C. Carson

The Corruptors are four demons, corruption incarnate, and the sons of Trigon. Trigon sent them to Earth as his emissaries and find the means to bring him to Earth, including Raven. Once they took on their true forms, they became temporal agents and could only remain until they ran out of power. On the night of the Hall of Justice's public unveiling, one of the Corruptors hid in the shadow of a building column nearby. At 6:32 pm, Weather Wizard tried to run away and stepped on the Corruptor. It revealed itself and possessed him. The Flash, unaware of what happened, caught up Wizard and insisted he surrender. "Weather Wizard" stated, "Azarath calls, the child must answer. The hour of his rising is at hand." He broke through his hand cuffs then levitated into the air. Superman intervened but was punched across the street into a building. To his surprise, Superman bled from his nose. Flash still had Wizard's Weather Wand. "Wizard" generated tornadoes. Wonder Woman recognized that he was using magic instead of technology. Wonder Woman and Cyborg attacked. Superman grabbed a car and used it to shield himself from a flurry of icicles then swatted "Weather Wizard" with it.

"Weather Wizard" generated a forice field then blasted Superman. Robin ignored Batman's order to get civilians to safety and directed the Batplane on a collision course with the "Weather Wizard." The combination of missiles and fuel cells generated a three kiloton blast that knocked him out of the sky. Wonder Woman ensnared him with her Lasso of Truth and ordered him to stand down. The Corruptor left Wizard's body. He had no memory of what just happened. The next night, one of the Corruptors ambushed Clark Kent in his apartment's laundry room and attempted to possess him but the affect was not instant. The next night, Batman finished combing through footage from every camera on the grid near the Hall of Justice. He noticed some odd "dark spots." Cyborg refined the footage with quadrant pixel enhancement. They observed a shadow but the sun direction was wrong and it was disconnected from the surface. Batman realized it was mimicking a shadow, had intelligence, and was looking for something.

Elsewhere in Metropolis, Clark Kent and Diana left a theater participating in the Metropolis Film Festival. Kent began to succomb to the Corruptor's control and heard a voice saying, "Trigon lives." He ran off into an alley, leaving Diana confused. He bashed in head at an excavation site then saw a vision of Trigon's realm and the Corruptors. He saw a fire in the distance and flew to it. "Superman" made short work of Atomic Skull and nearly killed him. Batman attempted to poison Superman's body with a dose of Kryptonite and force the Corruptor out but it wasn't enough. "Superman" stated, "The rising is coming. You cannot stop it," his face transformed, and he flew away. Batman informed Steve Trevor who dedicated military satellites to track "Superman's" movements. Batman warned Wonder Woman everyone in the Justice League could be a target. The satellites lost "Superman" 55 miles off the coast of Metropolis. While the Flash checked the area, Cyborg scoured the Internet for sightings as well as anything on recent supernatural events.

Superman flew through the Middle East and stopped in the desert 60 miles north of Kahndaq City. He unearthed the Infernal Shrine, a gateway built by Satanists long ago. Meanwhile, the remaining Corruptors possessed a woman and baby at a carnival and instructed Raven to meet with them on the hill beyond the tent. Trigon appeared to Raven and told her it was their destiny to be together and she could bring him to Earth. Raven refused and generated a force field that sent the Corruptors flying. They blasted at her. The battle spilled over into the carnival. The other Teen Titans joined Raven in battle until she summoned her soul self, engulfed the Corruptors, and sent them back to Trigon's realm. The next day, the Justice League boomed to the Titans Tower and tried to take Raven into their custody but Robin protested. Raven realized the Corruptors were back but it was too late. They possessed Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Cyborg. Batman grabbed an injector gun from his utility belt and injected a nerve toxin designed for Bane into himself. The Corruptor fled his body as he fell.

The Corruptors informed Raven the Infernal Shrine was unearthed and she was its final piece. The Titans continued to fight but the Corruptors soon gained the upper hand and threatened to kill them. Raven promised to go with them and ordered them to release the Titans. As they left through Raven's portal, Blue Beetle shot a device into the back of Cyborg's neck and shortcircuited him. The Corruptor left Cyborg. 24 hours later, Cyborg regained consciousness and the Titans devised a plan. They boomed to the Middle East. Cyborg, Starfire, and Blue Beetle emerged first and drew "Superman" to them with an onslaught of blasts. At the last second, they broke away. Beast Boy, as a vulture, carrying Robin flew towards him. Robin stabbed him in the ribs with Kryptonite. The Corruptor left and Superman crashed. He asked Robin to remove the Kryptonite then broke the "Flash's" left leg. The Corruptor fled. Superman then stole the Lasso of Truth, ensnared "Wonder Woman" and ordered her to say who she was. She declared she was Diana of Themyscira. The Corruptor left her body.

The Teen Titans went to Trigon's realm to retrieve his crystal prison but were attacked by a swarm of demonspawn. Three of the Corruptors welcomed her home then merged into a three headed, flame breathing hell beast. Cyborg and the Titans battled it while Raven then Robin went after the crystal. The last Corruptor followed and took on the form of Ra's Al Ghul. It threw its sword into the crystal and shattered it into pieces. It then attempted to play mindgames with Robin and ordered him to kill Raven in order to honor a pact with Trigon and become alive again. Robin refused to believe he was his late grandfather and they fought. Robin eventually gained the upperhand and kicked him into a column. Several lesser demons emerged from the column and grabbed "Ra's." "Ra's" pleaded for Robin's help. Robin beheaded him. The head reverted back to that of the Corruptor. One of the lesser demons took it, too. 10 days after Trigon was trapped in a shard of the crystal, Batman confirmed there were no more signs of the Corruptors.