Brother Blood

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Church of Blood and H.I.V.E.
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Extended Life, Shape Shifting, Starbolt Generation, Flight, Geokinesis, Shadow Manipulation, Weapons Generation, Enhanced Physical Attributes, and Oration
Voiced By: Gregg Henry

Brother Blood discovered if he bathed in his enemy's blood, it provided him with immortality. He lived for 900 years doing so and expanded his Church of Blood into a global cult comprised of zealots and extremists completely devoted to him. The other side of his organization, H.I.V.E. was essentially a private army engaged in criminal activity in his stead. He came to believe he was meant to survive into the modern age when technology could serve his greatness and help him attain glory by claiming the powers of so-called heroes in the name of his Church of Blood then become the one true God. Deathstroke was contracted by Brother Blood. He eventually wanted Deathstroke to capture all of the Teen Titans for him. Deathstroke heard of a girl named Terra Markov who manifested earth manipulating powers. He went to Markovia and intervened in an attempted public execution of her and used her as a double agent. After a year, Deathstroke gathered the information he needed to defeat the Titans.

Blood also used one of his holding companies to fund a molecular biologist that used to work for H.I.V.E. to design a machine. He used the intelligence gathered on the Titans from genetic make-ups, theories on Raven's power, Beast Boy's, and Blue Beetle's suit. Bryce Peterson was the last reporter to interview Brother Blood. Blood denied accusations placed on his Church of Blood and stated it was a holy place and they strived only to do good. Peterson wanted Blood to level with him and asked if the church was just a glorified cult. Blood replied he believed in an America where all beliefs should be treated with respect and found it a shame the press didn't. He removed his mike and walked out on the interview. Peterson signed off. Peterson was strung up and bled out to supply the latest Bloodpit. Mother Mayhem, his second, returned to the Church's headquarters and reported directly to Brother Blood. He noted she was punctual as always. She asked how he could be so calm and noted the Titans destroyed three bases.

Blood reiterated his plan was 900 years in the making and he was always victorious over his opposition. Mayhem noticed Bryce Peterson was strung up and supplying the Bloodpit. Blood commented he wouldn't be asking impertinent questions. Mayhem surmised Peterson's heresy didn't compare to the theat of the Titans and admitted they barely escaped them. Blood noted they escaped thanks to Deathstroke. She followed him to another section of the Church where the scientist was performing an experiment on test subjects. After Jericho, one of the subjects, was successfully infused with the energy of the other four, Blood advanced preparations. Mayhem told Jericho his service came to an end, blessed him, and fatally shot him in the temple of his head. Blood and Deathstroke met at a cemetery at night. Deathstroke asked him to stop talking to the dead. Blood contended it was a place of renewal to him. Deathstroke stated he got concerned when a client talked to himself.

Blood explained he believed there was always a tiny wisp of life in a corpse, sometimes enough to bring them back to life, then alluded to Deathstroke's own revival. Deathstroke got to the point and asked what he wanted. Blood requested he move the time table up a week. Deathstroke protested that was not part of the deal. Blood offered to double his price and reiterated he wanted all of the Titans. Deathstroke and Terra captured Robin, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. They were bound to different parts of the Enervator and kept in a weakened state by the technology. Blood referred to the world's so-called heroes as false gods and secular idols that needed to be ended. He proclaimed the Church of Blood was the one true house of faith and he was their one true God. He announced he would claim their powers for them all, he called them the seeds of the new generation, and he proclaimed they were the hive of humanity.

After Terra and Mayhem exchanged words, Blood asked for civility for their guests. He noticed Nightwing was missing and remarked it ruined the machine's symmetry. He asked where Nightwing's body was since life could still be drawn from it then alluded to a replacement to conmplete the contract. Deathstroke surrendered Terra to her surprise and she was placed in the machine. Mayhem wired $200 million to Deathstroke's account. Blood, Deathstroke, and the Enervator rose up to the main stage and he announced to his followers his moment of ascendency had arrived. The Enervator was activated. The Titans felt pain as their powers were copied then Blood placed his hands on arms that retracted from the machine. He was transformed and now resembled a part of each of the Titans amalgamated into one being with all their powers. Nightwing made his move and threw an exploding Birdarangs at the Enervator's console and at Blood. He was blown away and the Titans were released.

Blood fought Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. Beast Boy and Blue Beetle kept attacking him. Blood became enraged and declared he was the chosen one. Before he could finish, Terra rammed him with her construct as she raced over to Deathstroke to kill him. Beast Boy and Blue Beetle ignored Blood's threats and attacked him in tandem. Beetle fired his chest cannon at him then Beast Boy performed an overhead slam and tossed him, then Beetle fired his arm cannon then Beast Boy rammed him. Blood generated a shadow blast and knocked them away. He called them demon filth. Raven offered to show him a real demon. To his horror, Raven used her soul self to drain away the effects of the Enervator and reduced Blood to an emaciated old man. Blood tried to beseech the Titans. Mother Mayhem refused to allow Blood to be imprisoned and shot him three times in the chest. She proclaimed he was saved and cradled his body as they were crushed in the cave-in.