Black Mask

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Batman: Bad Blood
Powers/Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Steve Blum

Black Mask is the head of one of the major mob families in Gotham City. He wears a black skull mask and is infamous for his quick temper. He recently became engaged in a turf war with a new rival gang comprised of several high tech criminals who crossed paths with Batman in the past. The gang kidnapped Chuckie Sol, one of his Made Men, at gunpoint and interrogated him for information on an incoming weapons shipment. Batwoman and Batman interfered before Sol gave any important details away. Over two weeks later, Black Mask and several of his men unloaded the shipment. He was eager to make examples out the new gang. They were interrupted by Batman, who was actually Dick Grayson standing in for the absent Bruce Wayne. Black Mask ordered him dead to no avail. Batman picked the men off one by one then kicked him into a car. Mask admitted he bet $50,000 that Batman was really dead at last. More of Mask's men appeared and opened fire.

As Black Mask took aim at Batman, Robin threw his sai and jammed his weapon. The blow back scorched Mask's face and grafted the mask to his face. He quickly ordered Robin dead. Batman and Robin took off on a moving truck and took on two more of Mask's men. After the truck was crashed, the warehouse where the battle took place continued to explode as police cars converged on the location.