Black Manta

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Real Identity: David
Affiliations: Atlantis
Appearances: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
Powers/Skills: Laser Projection, Above Average Physical Attributes, Piloting, Unarmed Combat, and Manipulation
Voiced By: Henry Lennix

Black Manta desired the treasures of Atlantis. He planned to manipulate Prince Orm's issues with his mother and sense of entitlement into a war between Atlantis and the surface world. After Orm sunk the surface world, Manta planned to slit his throat and plunder the royal city. Through some means, he became the most cherished adviser of Prince Orm. Manta suggested a pact with the Trenchers and split his time on the surface world as a research assistant to Dr. Stephen Shin. As David, he helped Dr. Shin gather evidence of the existence of Atlantis. One night, they observed Arthur Curry display his abilities in a fight against several men at a bar in Mercy Reef. Shin wanted to confront Arthur but David convinced him to wait until the next morning. Black Manta attended a meeting between Queen Atlann and Prince Orm. After Atlanna made it known she would only pursue peace, Manta reassured Orm he needed to be patient for his plan to come to fruition.

Before Dr. Shin went to see Curry, he spoke to David on the phone and thanked him for the help. Black Manta manned his submarine and ordered the Drift One team to assassinate both Dr. Shin and Arthur Curry. Manta set off for Atlantis. Using a holographic illusion, Manta disguised his vessel as the S.S. California and used its missiles to strike at the outskirts of Atlantis, where Atlanteans were harvesting kelp. Instead of declaring war against the surface world, Queen Atlanna ordered Black Manta to arrange a meeting between herself and the Justice League. Once Atlanna revealed she knew of Orm's plans, Manta tried to stop her but the Trident activated and electrocuted him. Atlanna then blasted him into the ground. Orm took advantage and stabbed her from behind. After Orm neutralized Curry, Mera, and several Justice Leaguers, Manta arranged with the Trenchers to dispose of them into the dark trench.

During the Atlantean invasion, Manta focused on eliminating Arthur Curry to preserve his own plans. He blasted Curry into a building with his helmet's laser lens. As Manta revealed his true agenda, Curry used his telepathy to summon a Great White Shark. The shark grabbed Manta from behind and dragged him down below in its mouth.