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Real Identity: Beroul
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 2 and Episode 5)
Powers/Skills: Remote Viewing, Soul Theft, Mind Manipulation, and Teleportation
Voiced By: Jim Meskimen

Beroul is a demon who aspired to open a branch office of Hell in Los Angeles to corrupt and consume the city's souls. However, he had competition from five other demons. Unable to eliminate them himself, Beroul decided to manipulate John Constantine into doing the deed for him. Concluding Constantine needed a theatrical lure rife with danger to be prodded into complying, Beroul stole the soul of Trisha Chandler, the daughter of his best friend Chas Chandler, opened the door between Constantine's subconscious and conscious mind, then flooded his mind with a flurry of images of Los Angeles. Beroul knew Chandler was one of the few people he cared about and would refuse his plea for help. He kept Trisha Chandler's soul in his heart like a prison. Her body fell into a comatose state. The doctors at London Hospital had no idea what the cause or how to cure her. Chas Chandler could sense dark magic was involved and sought out his estranged friend.

Constantine agreed to check on Trisha and saw her aura was tainted. He fashioned a construct and tried to peer inside but it bounced around the room and nearly hit him. Then something possessed Trisha and spewed a swarm of bugs out of her mouth and left. Constantine brought in Nightmare Nurse to help. She reached into Trisha and revealed to him there was no soul. She summoned her Rod of Asclepius to figure out what was in her body. Trisha spoke through Nightmare Nurse but Beroul intervened. He refused to identify himself to Constantine and told him he would have to come by for a visit. He scorched "1247 Enstrom LA" into a window and immolated Nightmare Nurse. She was reduced to her demon form but reckoned if she were a human, she would have been killed. She resumed her human guise then cast a Shield of Airmed over Trisha while Constantine and Chandler took a flight to Los Angeles. While in the airport, Chandler noticed a headline about 23 new cases of mysterious comas. They drove to the address and found a mansion.

Constantine pointed out "Enstrom" was an anagram of "Monster." An anthropomorphic pig dressed as a butler answered the door and was amused to tell them to enter freely and of their own will. He told them to wait then left. Constantine ignored the request and went beyond a red curtain. He found an indoor swimming pool filled with liquefying corpses. Beroul walked in and admitted he rather liked the smell. Constantine presumed he was Beroul. Beroul noted he had to wait for the bodies to liquefy then the bones would be dredged out and the pool would be ready for his daily swims. Constantine remarked that was lovely. Beroul boasted a man had to stay in shape. Constantine contended he was no man. Beroul grabbed him, reminded to remember that, then tossed him. Constantine realized he knew who he was. Beroul asked why else would he go to the trouble to bring him to Los Angeles. Constantine deduced Trisha Chandler was used as a lure. Beroul teased but Constantine wanted to know what he wanted. Beroul told Constantine about his plans.

Constantine refused to do anything before he saw the girl. Beroul asked which one. Constantine specified he meant Trisha Chandler. Beroul sat and dipped his toes into the pool and revealed her soul was being kept prisoner in his heart for safe keeping. Chas Chandler heard and ran in with a knife. Constantine stopped him and warned an attack on Beroul was an attack on his daughter. Chandler wasn't so sure and rushed him. Beroul teleported him to a top of a dome at the Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood. Beroul asked Constantine if he was going to take the job. Constantine demanded a fat salary and swanky hotel. Beroul agreed to the terms and told him to leave because it was time for "The Young & The Restless."