Atomic Skull

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Powers/Skills: Radioactivity Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Rick Wasserman

The Atomic Skull is a supervillain based in Metropolis who was transformed into a radioactive powerhouse. Skull's skin was turned transparent and made his face appear to be that of a skull. Atomic Skull encountered Superman and was defeated but Skull sensed he was holding back. The next year, feeling he had gotten much stronger, went on another heist. While he pried a vault door open, Superman arrived. After boasting his new strength, Skull noticed something was different about Superman. He was unaware Superman was possessed by one of Trigon's Corruptor demons. Superman uppercut Skull, swung him around, then bashed him through several walls. Skull surrendered but Superman stomped him then tossed him through the roof. He let out a whimper then Superman punched him into the asphalt outside. Wonder Woman landed near Skull and determined he was barely alive. She asked Superman what was wrong but Batman tried to dose him with Kryptonite to force the demon out but it wasn't enough and he flew away.