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Sept. 09, 2008
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White Witch

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Real Identity: Mysa Nal
Appearances: Trials
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Mysa Nol was born on Naltor, a planet where people are born with the power of precognition. Nal, however, didn't have the gift. This was considered an embarassment since her mother and sister were the two most powerful Naltorian prophets. Throughout her life, she was treated as an inferior.

After her mother's death, when Nal was nine years old, she journeyed to Zerox to find her destiny. The Zeroxians were impressed with her determination and the inner circle of Teachers took her in as a student. As White Witch, she became a prodigy. During the Trials, her recordings are used to guide fallen wizards to each new test.