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Real Identity: Zyx
Appearances: Child's Play and Trials
Powers: Magic
Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Zyx is a young wizard from Zerox. Rebelling against its culture of rules and regulations, Zyx journeyed to Earth and caused trouble in New Metropolis. He was approached by Superman and was interested in him as a toy. Meanwhile, Phantom Girl and Triplicate Girl made the voyage to Zerox to plead for Zyx' capture. The High Council agreed and after Phantom Girl surrendered, they retrieved Zyx and restored everything back to normal.

Years later, Zyx continued to disobey the rules. He was brought before the High Council and accused of unauthorized conjuring, disobeying his mentor, and violating the sorceror's code. As a result, he was branded with the Magic Band and stripped of his power. The sentence was interrupted by the return of Mordru. In a final stroke, one of the councilors teleported Zyx to the Legion Battle Cruiser for help. Zyx begrudgingly asked them for aid. The Legion concluded that Zyx needed to unlock his powers to help defeat Mordru. While most of the Legion confronted Mordru, Zyx went through the Trials with Superman X to restore his magic. Zyx succeeded and helped seal Mordru deep beneath Zerox. In the aftermath, it appeared that the Trials made Zyx reform his ways.