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Terra Man

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Real Identity: Terra Man
Appearances: Unnatural Alliances
Skills: Space-Time Manipulation, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Jeff Black

As a failsafe that Superman X failed to destroy Imperiex, K3NT also created Terra Man. Armed in a cowboy motif, Terra Man is an android created with a unique self-repairing organic metal. It would travel to the 31st century and kill a young boy named Abel. Abel would one day create a technology that would empower Imperiex. Terra Man's mission was to kill Abel and effectively remove Imperiex from the space-time continuum.

Superman X and the Legion of Superheroes disagreed with Terra Man's methods and opposed him. Terra Man survived the Legion's efforts even after Star Boy crushed him with a planet. In the end, Imperiex and Superman X teamed up to destroy Terra Man.