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Timmy Anderson

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Real Identity: Timmy Anderson
Appearances: Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Natalie Lander

Timmy Anderson is the son of a professor who collects various historical objects. He hired Courtney Whitmore to be his babysitter, mostly in part because of her quick reflexes helped prevent his collection from being damaged by Timmy. After hearing about a downtown auction dealing in late 12 century antiquities, the professor hired Courtney for the night. Timmy became excited and jumped into Courtney's arms, nearly destroying a 1200 year old vase in the process but she caught it. He asked Timmy to be careful and to be good to Courtney then departed. Courtney asked what he wanted to do and he suggested hide-and-seek and ran off. Courtney held up a tall drum then went searching for Timmy. Timmy ran into Klarion and asked if he wanted to play hide-and-seek. Klarion offered him whatever he wanted if he could hide and not be found by the time he counted to 8000. Timmy wanted a smartphone. He hid in the study behind a hanging piece of art then counted. Klarion posed as Timmy and tried to distract Courtney while Teekl searched for the grimoire.

During the battle against Klarion, Stargirl realized Timmy was on the other side of a magic barrier with Klarion and Teekl. Timmy counted to 7099 then 8000. He asked Klarion for his smartphone. Klarion held out his palm and telekinetically shoved Timmy to the floor. Constantine broke down the barrier with a Japanese spell. Stargirl grabbed Timmy. He panicked. Stargirl lifted her mask and revealed her secret identity to him. Timmy calmed down and hugged her. Constantine closed a portal and both Klarion and Teekl were pulled through by a beast. Mr. Anderson returned home with no clue what transpired. Timmy leaped into his arms. Courtney tried to conceal the truth and told him Timmy was a little angel. Timmy claimed Batman came and revealed the smartphone he gave to him.