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Gotham City Institute of the Arts

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Joker chose the Gotham City Institute of the Arts as the finale of his revenge plot against the Riddler for stealing his donut in Arkham Asylum. He somehow pasted a clue about the institute inside the Penguin's umbrella. The first line was a photo of popcorn, a minus sign, and corn. The second line was a tart, a minus sign, and tea. Green Arrow recalled there was a huge pop art exhibit at the Gotham City Institute of the Arts. Riddler found a clue on a piece of paper inside asking when does a traveler not need his map. Riddler quickly answered when he's already there. Joker mocked him and hit the lights. He presented Batman hanging upside down near a statue of Justice. He immobilized Green Arrow and Wonder Woman with a gun that shot trick streamers. Wonder Woman landed on a giant can that acted as a pressure trigger. If she jumped, Justice's arm would swing and chop up Batman. The Riddler declared the only thing sloppy were his terrible clues. Joker launched a bomb from a giant fork but Riddler used his cane to bat it into a giant white piano. The lid fell down and the bomb safely detonated.

Joker kicked a giant can but Riddler leaped over it and stated leaving clues for Batman was his idea. Joker pointed out he was accusing the prince of thieves of stealing. He shocked Riddler with his toy buzzer then drop kicked him. They continued fighting and ended up on the giant typewriter. Joker mused his good guy routine was getting old and he was just as crazy as he was. Riddler sweeped Joker off his feet with his cane. Joker yielded but teased that he solved all of but one of his riddles. Riddler turned to the typewriter's paper and saw the riddle, "What has four eyes but doesn't see?" Riddler wasn't amused. A microphone lowered to him. If Riddler solved it, the voice activated trigger would set off Justice's arm and kill Batman. Riddler tried to resist the urge but he blurted out the answer: Mississippi. Green Arrow sawed his way out with an arrow and fired it at the rope holding Batman up. Wonder Woman lept off the can and caught him. Joker swung the microphone into Riddler's face then dashed off but ran right into Arrow's boxing glove arrow.