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Real Identity: Galia
Affiliation(s): The Zoar and Star Sapphire Corps
Appearances: Fear Itself and ...In Love and War
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring, Armed Combat, and Above Average Accuracy
Voiced By: Vanessa Marshall

Galia is an unmarried female who belongs to the tribe known as the Zoar. While picking sugar vines, she was accosted by Nidara. Kilowog intervened and tried to fight some off before losing consciousness. Galia scared off the last Nidara and took Kilowog to her hut where she nursed him back to health. Over a short amount of time, the two developed feelings for each other. Once the conflict between the Zoar and Nidara was settled, Kilowog promised to come again to see Galia.

Galia was soon sent a Star Sapphire Ring and accepted. Transported to Zamaron, Galia trapped Kilowog in violet crystal intended to heal him with love forever. Galia later found Aya conducting an unsanctioned search and confronted her. Aya managed to render her unconscious with energy blasts of her own. Galia later joined the Star Sapphire Corps when they tried to prevent Hal Jordan's group from fleeing Zamaron.