Queen Aga'po

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Real Identity: Queen Aga'po
Affiliation(s): Star Sapphire Corps
Appearances: ...In Love and War, Homecoming, and Love is a Battlefield
Powers/Skills: Portal Generation and Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Grey DeLisle

Queen Aga'po is the queen and leader of the Star Sapphire Corps. She came to believe love's violet light would save the universe and stop the spreading of war by men. Aga'po seeks out those who need their heart made whole again and sends them a Star Sapphire Ring. She also leads the Corps in luring men to Zamaron, the Corps' home planet, and crystallizing them. When Hal Jordan's group rested on Zamaron, Aga'po attempted to weaken Razer but failed. Upon realizing Razer's true love was dead, she ordered his death. Aga'po's niece Ghia'ta, inspired by Carol Ferris, aided Jordan's group and gave them enough time to leave the planet. While Aga'po was disappointed in Ghia'ta, Ghia'ta proposed a reform. Aga'po eventually accepted the Corps strayed from their emotion and allowed for reform to take place. She recruited Ghia'ta to serve as her royal advisor. Some time later, Aga'po agreed to help Hal Jordan and Razer attempt a risky journey to Earth so that Jordan could get to Oa and stop Atrocitus in time.

Queen Aga'po was shocked to witness and invasion of Manhunters. After destroying several in combat, Aga'po was forced to take an audience with Aya. Insulted by Aya's perception of love as a corrosive and destructive force, Aga'po blasted her. Aya was unharmed and critically injured Aga'po with an antimatter blast. Aga'po was remanded to an infirmary and came to only to witness the death of Ghia'ta. She proclaimed to Aya love was superior as it led to the ultimate sacrifice, one's life. Aya still disagreed but spared Zamaron to search for a way to eliminate all life in one move. Carol Ferris chose to keep her ring. Aga'po was honored and generated a portal back to Earth for her.