Mrs. Kuttler

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Real Identity: Mrs. Kuttler
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Ranching and Knitting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mrs. Kuttler is married to an organic carrot farmer and is the mother of Noah Kuttler. She raises Llama and weave caps from their wool. Like her husband, Mrs. Kuttler treated their teenage son like an out of touch nerd and didn't endeavor in technology at all. Kuttler wanted to cause a planet-wide catastrophe using tech chaotic enough for even his parents to take notice then he would step in save the world from an unwitting pawn he chose to frame as the perpetrator. He ended up choosing Batgirl. As Kuttler's plans reached epidemic levels, Batgirl confronted him in his bedroom. Mrs. Kuttler burst into his bedroom, wearing handmade sandals and lots of beads over her fuzzy sweater and flowing skirt, and scolded him for leaving his room as a mess. He urged her for some privacy. She wasn't having any of it and stated he was always squirreled away in his room. She then chided him for not inviting his "friend" to sit down. Mrs. Kuttler waved at Batgirl. Batgirl awkwardly waved back. She concluded saying no good can come of computers, told Batgirl it was nice to meer her and left. She returned with another visitor, Commissioner Gordon, who arrested him.