Carl and Christine Ferris

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Real Identity: Carl and Christine Ferris
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High (Christine only)
Appearances (Webisodes): Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire (Carl only)
Appearances (Comics): The Final Frontier (Carl only)
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Maurice LaMarche

Carl and Christine Ferris are the parents of Star Sapphire. They are incredibly wealthy and notably own and operate Ferris Aircraft. Their daughter was born on their private jet during a flight over the Atlantic Ocean to London for a Ferris Air board meeting. They routinely donate to Super Hero High and were rumored to be interested in buying a stake in Harley Quinn's HQTV. On Parents' Night at Super Hero High, Vice Principal Grodd carelessly tossed a banana peel on the floor. Mrs. Ferris teetered off her high heels and slipped. Hawkgirl took flight and caughter her. Grodd wiped his brow with his red handkerchief, grunted and stomped away with his knuckles dragging on the ground. Star Sapphire's parents and Ferris Air gave a generous donation to Super Hero High that allowed them to rebuild the cafeteria after Supergirl's most recent accident. Carl Ferris took a private jet to Super Hero High School and was greeted and hugged by his daughter who just won Hero of the Month. She asked for $1 million to rescue homeless pupplies. He quickly agree to the request without hesitation.

Once General Zod, Faora, and Non were defeated and Oa was saved, Star Sapphire took a Space Cab back to her home on Earth. She hugged her father then asked him to pay her cab fare. Space Cabbie revealed the charge was $4,673,937 and a tip. He wrote a check. After Cabbie left, he told Sapphire she would be doing chores to pay him back but she knew that already.