Claw of Deceit

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Truth of the Lasso Part 2
Powers/Skills: Transformation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

According to legend, the Claw of Deceit will give whoever is marred by it, the ability to transform into a powerful beast but it also makes them dishonest. Long ago, three artifacts known as the Amulet of Harmonia, Lasso of Truth, and Claw of Deceit were lost on Themyscira. Hippolyta hired the highly recommended Professor Minerva to locate the three relics. Hippolyta warned Minerva the relics were protected by magic and only she could touch them. Eventually, Minerva found them in a cavern near the shore. Barbara Ann Minerva, her daughter, was told not to touch anything while she alerted Hippolyta but touched the Lasso and Claw anyway. Touching them conjured the illusion of Cerberus. Princess Diana came to her rescue and dispersed it with the Lasso. Minera hid the Claw and lied to her mother, claiming she touched nothing. She slipped away into the jungle and touched the tip of the Claw. She gained the ability to transform into the Cheetah. Professor Minerva logged them and was credited with their discovery.