Edogawa Yamashiro

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Real Identity: Edogawa Yamashiro
Affiliations: Military Intelligence, Section 6
Appearances: Fall and Reckoning
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Unarmed Combat and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Paul Nakauchi

Edogawa Yamashiro is the father of Tatsu Yamashiro and former partner of Alfred Pennyworth during his tenure with the MI:6. Yamashiro was proficient in martial arts. They became such good friends that Pennyworth became Tatsu's godfather. Ra's Al Ghul got to Yamashiro by threatening his family. He gave in and tipped off Ra's that Pennyworth was close to finding him. Pennyworth was captured and brought before Ra's. Ra's spoke the chant of the Soul Taker Sword and ordered Yamashiro to use it on Pennyworth. Pennyworth cut through his restraints and rushed Yamashiro. After the sword was activated and began to draw out Pennyworth's soul, Yamashiro let go of the sword. As a result, Yamashiro sacrificed his life and lost his soul to the sword. Pennyworth fled the League. Officially, it was reported Yamashiro died in a horrible car accident.

Decades later, on the anniversary of Edogawa's death, Ra's revealed to Katana Pennyworth was really responsible. Pennyworth advised her not to listen to his lies. Katana was shocked to learn her father's soul was trapped in the sword and Pennyworth never told him. However, she believed his story and joined his side. Batman used a reversal chant to release all souls from the sword, including Edogawa Yamashiro's. After the souls took Ra's away, Yamashiro paused in front of his daughter then flew up into the sky and dispersed peacefully.