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Episode Guide

Season One

Click on an episode title to find summaries and information about each individual show. Check out the glossary for quick stats definitions, and if you have any information, opinions, or images to add, make sure to use the forum, or contact us!

Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are major players in the episode, the plot revolves around these characters.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting: Secondary Characters that appear, but have smaller parts than starring characters.
Beasts: Non-sentient monsters that appear.
Objects: Man-made and natural objects that appear.
Places: Areas visited or occupied.
Written By: Lists which staff members were credited with writing the episode.
Directed By: Lists which staff member was credited for directing the episode.

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Season One (2013)

Episode 1: Hunted
Batman stops two vigilantes from taking their revenge over a shady land deal. An aging Alfred hires his replacement: a female bodyguard named Katana.

Episode 2: Secrets
A new female villain, Magpie, kidnaps Batman, who must decipher her multiple personality disorder in order to outsmart her.

Episode 3: Tests
Bruce puts Katana through a series of tests to prove her loyalty; meanwhile Batman battles Anarky.

Episode 4: Safe
Katana's history as a member of the League of Assassins is revealed - as well as the fact she's hiding the famed Soultaker Sword.

Episode 5: Broken
A collection of new statues pops up around Gotham and Batman and Lt. Gordon must work together to save the people trapped inside before Humphrey Dumpler - aka Humpty Dumpty - destroys them.

Episode 6: Toxic
Batman tries to save a security guard from transforming into the villain Metamorpho after he ingests toxic chemicals.

Episode 7: Family
Bethanie Ravencroft lures Bruce to the Argus Club in an attempt to steal the Soultaker Sword; Katana rescues him and Bruce reveals that he is Batman.

Episode 8: Allies
Lt. Gordon asks for Batman's help to recover his kidnapped daughter Barbara; Batman and Katana find a rhythm working together to save her.

Episode 9: Control
Katana saves Batman from Cypher, a part robot villain with the powers of mind control who is seeking the Ion Cortex.

Episode 10: Sacrifice
Batman and Katana are in a race against time to escape a chemical weapons facility before it's destroyed.

Episode 11: Instinct
Pyg and Toad are back! This time, targeting victims in the fashion industry, culminating in a showdown with Batman and Katana on a yacht filled with the glitterati.

Episode 12: Attraction
After Batman shows her some kindness in prison, Magpie breaks free and captures Katana - burying her alive - in a jealous rage.

Episode 13: Fall
With the might of the League of Assassins behind him, Ra's Al Ghul comes to Gotham and steals the Ion Cortex for his own use. And even Batman is powerless to stop him.

Episode 14: Darkness
With Batman a prisoner - and the League of Assassins now in control of Gotham - it's up to a small band of heroes to save the city.

Episode 15: Reckoning
Ra's unleashes some of Batman's greatest enemies from Blackgate to keep him occupied, while Ra's turns his attentions on Katana and Alfred.

Episode 16: Nexus
Six months after the attack, Gotham's new mayor has hired District Attorney Harvey Dent, who hates Batman and wants to bring him to justice.

Episode 17: Monsters
There's a new hero in Old Gotham. Metamorpho's back and he's using his powers to protect the citizens of Gotham from high tech criminals.

Episode 18: Games
Humpty Dumpty captures Batman, Katana, Gordon, Mayor Grange and Tobias Whale and makes them play his Murder Mystery Game.

Episode 19: Animal
In order to track a thief who's stolen a dangerous piece of code-breaking software, Batman has himself arrested and thrown into Blackgate prison.

Episode 20: Doppelganger
Batman and Katana encounter a strange Man Bat creature, who is the experimental result of Pyg and Toad's animal army of mutated humans.

Episode 21: Unique
An old friend of Bruce Wayne's comes to him for help, when her father has been cloned by a mysterious organization to create an army of super soldier manhunters.

Episode 22: Hero
Desperate to rid the city of Batman, Harvey Dent allies with Anarky, who recruits a new hero to take Batman's place... the hired killer Deathstroke.

Episode 23: Choices
When Batman and Katana are ambushed in the Gotham subway by Killer Croc, it's up to Barbara Gordon to save them. Only one problem: Barbara's on a date.

Episode 24: Epitaph
When Bruce Wayne is "assassinated" by Batman, he lets the world think he's dead and goes in search of the imposter - the Bad Batman.

Episode 25: Twist
Batman continues to work in secret to find answers, while Harvey Dent recovers in Gotham Hospital. Blaming Batman for everything, he enacts martial law in Gotham.

Episode 26: Alone
When Alfred is taken hostage by Deathstroke in the Batcave, Batman must face him alone. Harvey Dent reveals his true nature as Two Face.