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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Blackgate Penitentiary
Appearances: Attraction and Animal
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By:

The warden of Blackgate Penitentiary is a middle-aged man. Unlike the police, the Warden makes no attempts to arrest Batman during his visits to the prison. While Batman, Katana, and Officer Dombrowski turned over Lunkhead, the Warden walked with them to Lunkhead's cell. He was apologized having believed Lunkhead had fully rehabilitated. Over six months later, after the black out, the Warden walked with Harvey Dent as the Key was placed into his cell. The Warden reassured Dent there was no escape as the Key was outfitted with military grade prison restraints made by Stagg Industries. After Killer Croc learned Batman was taken to Blackgate, the Warden was knocked out by a loyal prisoner. Eventually, when police restored order, the Warden was secured.