Madison Randall

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Real Identity: Madison Randall
Appearances: Hunted, Monsters, Animal, Epitaph, and Twist
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Sumalee Montano

Madison Randall is a news anchor with Gotham News. She recently reported on Simon Stagg's kidnapping at the hands of Professor Pyg and Mister Toad then introduced a viral video posted by the terrorists. Over six months later, Randall reported on several incidents in Old Gotham involving clashes between the Golem of Old Gotham and armored thugs. She later praised Batman and his allies for saving Old Gotham and Harvey Dent's Special Crimes Unit. Shortly after, Randall was on the news desk around 4:00 and reported the Blackgate Penitentiary take over. Some time later, Randall reported on the battle at the Armory as well as Lisslow's recovery and Dent's status.

When Jocelyn Kilroy resigned from the special mayoral election race on health reasons, Randall suspected something was wrong on account Kilroy was a tri-athlete and was too healthy. Batman appeared to Randall in the Gotham News parking structure and offered an exclusive interview. Randall asked Batman to explain his extremely violent behavior as of late. Batman declared he would do whatever it takes to protect Gotham, even kill Wayne. After Batman left, Randall bid her audience good night.