Gloria Pearce

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Real Identity: Gloria Pearce
Appearances: Hero
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Tisha T. Banker

Gloria Pearce is a member of the Sky Watch news team. Pearce ignored Gotham City Police Department's warnings and assembled her crew to cover the Dent hostage situation at the Gotham Sky Tram. Just as they were about to depart aboard their helicopter, Batman asked for a ride. During the flight, Pearce asked Batman why he was going to rescue Harvey Dent. Batman answered he protected all citizens of Gotham City no matter how misguided they are. The next day, Pearce reported on Dent's rescue and replayed Batman's statement. When Dent tried to spin the situation in his favor as a ploy to reveal Deathstroke as a villain, Pearce pointed out he hired Deathstroke in the first place. Dent called time and declined to answer anymore questions.